Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EWG Club night 6 Mar 12

This evening we gathered for a game of SAGA. We played a 4 player game with Will & I sharing a command of Welsh. The other players were Dave, Chen & Scott.

 Here is a shot of the battlefield, as it turned out, the battle had nothing to do with capturing the ruined tower.

The Welsh arrive and crest the hill to fact the Norman Knn-igits! Unbelievably the Welsh Levy held and pushed back the knights. The Knights had 18 dice needing 3's to the Welsh Levies 5 dice needing 5's. It was to be the way of things for the Normans this evening.

 The Norman Sergeants decide to try their hand against the Welsh Warriors and avoid the Levy.

This was the second game of SAGA I've played and there are still many nuances to figure out about playing with the battleboards. I've finally finished my Warlord & Hearthguard and this was their first blooding. I will post images later today.


  1. I did the math, the odds of the Welsh levy winning that fight were about 1 / 150,000.

  2. Thanks Terry for letting me use the Viking dice. I rolled the lightning bolt symbol twice in the entire game so they're not real lucky like.

  3. Scott I guess I better wash those dice in the blood of my enemies then. Vikings are likely the next band I will do once the Welsh are finished.

    Dave as much as the odds were against it, it was good to see that not everything is a forgone conclusion. I think everyone expected them to evaporate.