Monday, April 23, 2012

SAGA Welsh Levies

I have finally completed 9 of the 12 levies for my warband. The last 3 are just awaiting, the final base painting & flocking, then they will also be ready. However with the sun shining & for once, a break in the wind, I went outside to photograph the ones that were completed.

All of the figures are from Gripping Beast. Ahh! I see one of them was fidgeting during the photoshoot. He will be first into battle as his penance.

I will not be worrying about a photo of the last 3 figures as they are the same poses as the ones dipicted here.

Up next I am now starting on my first HOTT/Fantasy Impetus 28mm Army. I've decided to go with an Orc/Goblin army, as I had a bunch of goblins lying around and getting underfoot.