Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cangames Part 1

I spent the May long weekend in Ottawa attending Cangames. I always enjoy this venue as it allows me to meet up with people from my past whom I have had the pleasure of gaming with when I lived in Ottawa.

As I have quite a few photos I will have to break up the posts.

The convention started on Friday afternoon. There was a limit of 6 pre-registered games, so I had to purchase a game token ($3.00 each) to try to get into the battle for Crysler's Farm. I quickly learned however that it was already full, so rather than pay the token in the forlorn hope that one of the pre-registered would not show, I decided to get into a game of something I have owned but not had a chance to play.  DESCENT: Journeys in the Dark!

I've always viewed this game from Fantasy Flight as Heroquest on Steroids. The sculpts are beautiful & just scream out to be painted. Guess I need to add it to my list.

We had 5 players and most of us had never played before. The game isn't forgiving and several of us died until we started to figure it out. Of course there is the one player who feels they need all the glory & must go first to get to the chest, to open the door, etc. After a couple of traps, that enthusiasm was curbed and we started to play smarter.

The Warlord did successfully beat us, however as this was Cangames, we received a mulligan and did complete the quest.

Friday Evening

The evening found me playing a scenario called "A Storm of Swords" run by Michael Ball. The schedule write-up read as follows;

"Join Jon Snow and The Night's Watch as they defend the Wall and Castle Black from Wildlings, Giants and other creatures. Based on Game of Thrones, play skirmish level battles at the massive Ice Wall using Faces of Fantasy (Face of Battle) skirmish rules.

Three of us were Nightwatch players, while the other 3 played Wildlings and other 'things'

As per most of Michaels games, each player often has their own objectives beyond those of the 'sides'. We rolled for sides and I was second highest. Choosing the Nights Watch, I got to play Jon Snow and several Night Watch attempting to return to the Wall to get the information to Castle Black. I was able to start anywhere along the table edge closest to the bottom of the image, in effect I had to break thru the Wildling lines.

This is a view of Castle Black and the road leading to Winterfell.

It didn't take long for some of the 'Other' creatures to arrive. As I was breaking thru the lines I got bogged down fighting this small mammoth. I engaged it with several members of the watch as well as Ghost. Eventually I forced it to break and fall back which allowed my troops to continue towards the wall. 

The force holding the entrance to the Wall, did a fine job holding the Wildlings in check, but did eventually get over run. There was only so much they could do against boulder hurling giants and the Big Mammoth! I did get Jon thru the wall gate & into Castle Black with the orders, sending Ghost to engage Mance Rayder who had slipped thru the gate and was running down the road. I believe the Wildlings got 1 member off our boards edge.

Of course not knowing what others objectives are requires that you watch what they are attempting and then try to foil their plans while continuing to complete your own. We did have a White Walker show up and start killing Wildlings as it advanced.

All in all a fun game. One thing about the Face of Battle system, is that being card-based where players each turn one card at the same time & perform actions with the affected figure, is that you must maintain a flow of play. It is easy to have players 'slow' the game by wandering off, etc, which for a player like myself who had to run across half the board creates a situation where it becomes nigh impossible to complete your mission. Our after action game discussion I brought this up & we improved this flow the next day when I played another Face of Battle game.

As with most conventions, there are always other games which fall in the same time-slot as the one your playing that you would also have liked to play. Some of the games run in multiple slots, which helps. Here are a couple shots of a large Star Wars: Battle of Hoth game that was occuring behind us.

More on the Cangames weekend to follow...

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  1. You know, if you're looking to paint some Descent figs, I have a pile!