Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cangames Part 3

Saturday afternoon, I played Speghetti Western, a homegrown ruleset run by Gilbert Collins. The game had 12 slots available, however as many of these games show, they usually have more people show up & generally they are allowed to play as well...the more the merrier!

In Speghetti Western each player will take a character from a famous Speghetti Western and try to shoot their way to victory. Usually the game is a 'last man standing' affair with gold & money bags being the objective. In this scenario the gold was in the building. Players who started near the building were thus required to exit off the end of the board (near to where this shot was taken from).

Characters were distributed randomly. In this game I got "The Mercenary". Alas we all only had pistols & my fellow was sort of a Jack of all, master of none. Some of the characters have 3 dice in pistol, making them deadly. Other dice are added and subtracted due to range, cover, etc.

Alliances were allowed however never binding. There were 5 of us who formed an alliance. Here are 2 of them, Glen & Rita. Glen was I think informing me I should duck, or put a feather in my hat... These two ended up being the only survivors of our alliance of 5.

Some characters had two actions per turn. Each action you could do 1 thing... duck, cock the pistol, fire, move, etc. Many of us only had 1 action per turn. This is something I feel the host needs to fix, as it leaves many players at a disadvantage & they have pretty much lost the game without even starting. I think starting each player off with 2 actions/turn is fair & the differences of skills will be what sets them apart. Rita was lucky enough to have 2 actions per turn & was a force to be reckoned with. I believe she bagged 5 or 6 players, 1 on the first turn.

The Mercenary was a 1 action/turn character. Generally when your hit, you drop your weapon, which will then require 1 turns action to retrieve. One fellow jumped over the wall and grabbed my dropped pistol, leaving me unarmed, however I quickly used my fists skill to lay the boots to him & knocked him out of the game. My glory was short however, as I was shot dead the turn later. Below is the shot of what became the killing grounds, as 4 players died in this area.

A young fellow was playing Tuco, a 2 action/turn character & managed to get the gold & hi-tail it off the far end of the board. Try as she might, Rita couldn't bag him in time, as she was held up by 4 players whom she had to clear out. Here she is making a dash to try to cut Tuco off.

And here is Tuco making his last dash to victory.

Saturday Evening:

Saturday night, I played in the ever-fun game by Todd Creasey. Normally the venue is "Rubberboots" something, named after a fellow who used to show up at the club in his rubberboots. This years venue was a SAGA themed event with Normans pitted against Scots. Each side had 4 players each with their warbands. I was one of the Norman players.

The other player and I decided to sweep our mounted units around the flank & roll up the line. It sort of worked, but our troops were whittled down by high rolling dice of the Scot Hearthguard of which he had 2 6 man elements.

Below is my foot elements (Crossbow and Warriors). These were held in place to await the arrival of my compatriots foot troops which included his Warlord, mine was riding around the flank.

My Warlord and Knights prepare to end a Scot Warlords life. In fact I was able to bag both the Warlords of the Scots on this flank in 1 turn. However as this was a scenario, the warbands did not leave the field upon the death of their liege...

The Scottish player was able to hit my knights on the flank, limiting my dice and forced the knights to withdraw, leaving my Warlord out in the open, his second Hearthguard unit then fell upon him & slew him. This flank was a bad place to be a Warlord. The other end of the table was a see-saw battle with forces being whittled down.

Saturday is also the day that the Vendors area & Cangames Auction starts. I will post a seperate entry of the stuff I snagged this year. It was a good thing I planned and only went to Ottawa with barely half a suitcase as it was sure full on the return.

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