Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cangames Part 4

Sunday morning after a filling breakfeast I was off to the convention. The first game on the list for the day was;

The Great Redoubt, Borodino 1812. This game was run by my friend Todd using the Lasalle rules. I was playing as a Russian on the right flank beside the redoubt. Things were looking good off the hop as our artillery started making the French troops lives miserable.

Soon after our Dragoons and Cossacks arrived. The Cossacks crossed the first stream to make for the bridge on the right of the image above. As the Dragoons crossed the stream, the French on the end formed a square.

As the French waited in confusion it seemed, I started moving my troops forward. The French player, fearing the mounted forces, had pulled his Horse Artillery back, leaving me free to move without being under fire.

The image below is an aerial view from the far left Russian flank, seemed like the French were arriving in droves!

We did lose the Redoubt, and managed to pass our first break test. If we had 1 more successful break test we could have had the French testing their morale as well, alas, the die was cast & the Russians fled the field. This is just as the French left was crumbling under the Russians advance.

My afternoon game was 'All Things Zombie'. The setting was a hillbilly settlement in the 1920's, where there was word of an illegal still. This brought the Gangsters of which I was a part, to find this still & make it our own. If dealing with the local yokels wasn't bad enough, some Coppers arrived as well as .......ZOMBIES!

Initially the Gangsters came into town from 2 directions. Wayne and myself arrived in the red & light green car. We moved into the Church. The other 2 Gangsters moved in from the bottom right of the image above.

We entered the church and immediately had to deal with a Zombie Wedding. With reacted by pummelling the zombies, dropping all but the kid zombie, which proceeded to slay a gangster.

Meanwhile some old codger in a wheelchair started making for the church. Hillbillies started swarming across the street & were gunned down by the gangsters Tommy Guns. Of course all this firing had a side effect.....ZOMBIES!

The Hillbillies were certainly outgunned and were pretty much wiped out.

Then along came the Coppers! They exited their vehicle after receiving fire from some hillbillies.

 These Coppers were crooked to be sure as one ran up to the Church and started firing his pistol thru the window. As I reacted, my Tommy Gun made him change his mind. The Cops were then overrun by zombies and had to retreat.

I eventually made a pact with the Old Codger by having him give me the location of the Still and then I would take him with us when we left. Unfortunately I should have spoken too him away from the table, as one of the players playing the Cops, heard where the still was & ran one of his characters to its location, thus obtaining it & winning the game.

The image below is of the Force we had become. There were also 4 other Gangsters who had gotten into vehicles & were driving over Zombies.

All in all a very fun game, with great models & scenery. This leaves me with the Sunday evening game & my purchases from the vendors and auction. I will post those tommorrow or later this eve depending how I feel.

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