Friday, May 25, 2012

Cangames Part 5

Originally on Sunday night I planned on getting into the DBA tournament, as up for grabs was a painted Pict Army in 15mm.

However during the afternoon I heard from a buddy that a game I wanted to try, but had a conflict with was going to run a Sunday Night slot...BOOM! I was quick to the registration desk to get signed up. Up until 5 minutes before it started I was the only player registered....hmm, could be bad, about 2 minutes before we started another player arrived to play. As soon as I saw whom it was, I almost wish he hadn't, more on this later

The game was very unique in that it was Computer Assisted World War 2. This system developed by Mike Van Ryssel and Tim Starke pitted the players against a totally hidden force, thus all the players were on one side. We would arrive on the long table edge to the left of the image below.

Our objectives were the Railroad building (top right of image) and the ends of two roads which crossed the map from left to right.

Below is a shot of our forces, in effect 2 platoons of infantry, 2 37mm AT Gun teams, 3 Panzer III's, a Field Howitzer and 2 Sdkfz 222's.

We split the force, deciding on the small recce with the armoured cars, 1 platoon of infantry and 1 37mm AT gun would capture the one road and then swing to join the others. This is the force I took, having given the other player the option. He then had the rest for the assault on the railhead & road.

Not seeing where the French were, made me cautious & I leapfrogged my armoured cars & AT gun team along both sides of the road using hedges as cover and camoflage. Most of my infantry I sent thru the woods with 1 MG, a Second MG was placed in the stone house to cover the open ground & ruined buildings on far side of the map.

Alas, on the other end of the table, the second player started off by sending troops across the top of the hill, where they were hit with a mortar barrage. He then drove his entire troop of tanks up the road & watched as all 3 were knocked out....He didn't see anything that shot him, as everything was taken out. To say he was pissed would be an understatement.

I haven't heard so much whining at a games table in quite some time, blaming everyone but his own stupidity for his failure.

The hosts then gave him a troop of Panzer 35T's and a PanzerJag 1, which he also proceeded to lose.

I did get most of my infantry & MG's into observation postions. As my 37mm AT Team ran across an open space between hedges, the Gun was smashed by a AP shell, destroying it. The crew then scampered back to the hedgeline & became more spotters for me. I did locate the offending 75mm gun & between my MG's and Autocannons, silenced it for good.

I did get the Field Howitzer, but as the crew dismounted to unlimber it, they were smashed by MG & small arms fire, wiping them out. With the loss of that & the dismal play on the other end of the table, it was decided to end the game, as we were unlikely to be able to complete the mission. The reality of course was that the game hosts were tired of listening to the other player bitching about the unfair scenario.

This was a unique game & I will be looking forward to playing it at the next Cangames. It totally changes your playstyle, when you have no idea where the enemy is hiding.


As for my auction and vendor purchases, I picked up a copy of Heroquest ( love the furniture!), Battlemasters (using the miniatures for my HOTT/Impetus armies), some old GW Warhammer blisters, and my largest purchase pictured below

A box full of Colonials and African tribesmen / Askari's, perfect for some pulp gaming down the road!

Lastly I stopped by the  Army Group North booth to buy some National Markers / Blinds, and several 1/56 scale vehicles. I pretty much buy something from this vendor every year.

So there was Cangames come to a close for another year. Next on my plate is the Morinville Town Wide Garage Sale this Saturday.  Cheer`s!


  1. What old Warhammer blisters did you get?

    1. Scott, I picked up 3 blisters relating to my Orc/Goblin Army for Hott. I got a Goblin Wolfrider with bow, Black Orc Command & an Orc Boarboy Boss.

  2. Nice loot, the colonials look like 25mm Minifigs? Nice bundle, how much?

    1. Dave, the way they do their auction is the seller puts an amount on the item to be auctioned. Then its a matter of a person accepting that amount & pays for it. I paid the amount asked, but you don't seriously expect me to divulge my secret. The figures came in a lot more of those plastic containers, I've just compressed them.