Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mayday Games Convention

The Edmonton Wargamers Group (EWG) gathered for what I found out was the 8th running of our annual Mayday Games Convention. I will leave most of the details for Bob to cover.

As one of the committee, I was responsible for the Silent Auction. I was somewhat apprehensive with regards to what I had for donations, so scrounged up quite a bit of my Sci-fi terrain bits and some model kits to help fill it out.

I am happy to report however, that many people brought items in for the auction and we filled 10 tables with lots. It was an overwhelming success and helped to pad our club coffers while putting some much needed funds into the hands of attendee donators.

Now onto the pictures of the games I participated in.

The morning block saw me playing in Inverkeithing 1651 ECW in Scotland, which pitted Cromwell's New Model Army against the Scots.

On the far left flank our mounted unit attempted a shoot and flee maneuver, but were caught and destroyed...thanks for coming out.

Meanwhile as the Parliament mounted on the right flank advanced, they were run off by my own mounted elements. Actually they successfully shot and withdrew leaving me with a failed charge.

Parliament forces continue their advance...

Of note is that we had limited powder for our muskets, so there was much waiting for the opponents to close to make the most effect.

The battle on the left continued to be the exciting area of the field.

 Finally Will's forces moved to where I was forced to charge forward with my Highlanders. All our hopes were tied to this confrontation.

Which of course I failed, causing the destruction of the entire Highland unit, and forcing 2 of my 3 mounted units to run away. His pike unit in the followup slammed into my muskets, which were unable to unload into you see where this is going?

Not to dissapoint, our army disintregrated and fled. The dice were not starting out well for me today.


For the afternoon game I played Through the Mud and the Blood, a Too Fat Lardies game. In this battle the scenario was one where Lt Rommel began making his fame.

Lt Rommel, accompanied by his Sgt and 2 Riflemen, observe some French Troops hanging around outside a building drinking coffee.

His team moved into a Farmhouse and began shooting at the French, killing 2. The French scurried into the building, but also managed to kill the riflemen that were with Rommel.

The Germans, upon hearing the firing, were able to deploy and began maneuvering to their plan. Our intent was to use 3 of the 5 rifle squads to assault the town, while the other two under command of the Sgt would provide a firebase from the building.

Rommel becoming unhappy with the lack of will of the Germans, moved out to motivate them.

 The Germans assaulted across the brick wall, but were repulsed. Obviously not a good idea.

The French squad was eventually forced to retire from the building by the fire base, allowing one of the German Squads to capture it. The battle came down to the wire as we were running out of time, however we did succeed in our mission.

It was good to see we didn't spoil Rommels history.


For the evening game, we had a SAGA tournament. I only managed to get in two games, as I had to finalize the auction stuff. I will add the evening info in another post as I think this one has reached its limit.

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