Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SAGA Battle at EWG Club Night 1 May 12

Tonight saw 4 of us make it to the club, so we put on a multi-player game of SAGA. The forces pitted for the Feast for Crows scenario were

Terry - Welsh
Chen - Anglo Danes
Scott - Bretons
Jonathan - Vikings

We also added a twist to the scenario by having a chest of gold in one of the buildings which the players were (supposedly) to retrieve for 25 points if they got it off the table.

Here we have the initial deployment. Pity the farmstead in the centre.

A shot of my deployment. This was the first game where I was able to field my finally completed 4pt Warband.

As the Breton mounted Warriors surged towards the buildings, I noticed Vikings making their way towards my flank. I moved my large 8 man warrior unit to block with the assistance of a 4 man warrior unit.

My levies were moving to cover the other flank...

Alas as the Viking Warriors clashed with my Welsh Warriors, the Gods of War were on the Vikings side as he near obliterated my large warrior unit..I withdrew with 2 remaining men.

Not content to hold in front of the farmhouse awaiting the foot troops, the Bretons surged towards the Levies who were holding behind the wall. As javelins were thrown, the levies used the hard cover from the wall to negate the effects.

The battle continued on the left against what seemed unstoppable vikings, but numbers eventually told and with the aid of my Warlord, quelled the menace. In the background can be seen the remainder of the Vikings  moving towards me. For most of the battle the Anglo-Danes prevented the frustrated berserkers from leaving their starting area, successfully nullifying them for the entire battle.

Chen's Anglo-Danes finally made an appearance and smashed the Bretons. I expect we may see some Saga armies at the auction due to lackluster performance...(just joking).

Thus the farmers held onto the gold, as the battered warbands returned to their camps, bloodied & bruised.

The final tally was;

Jonathan - 9
Terry - 11
Chen - 8
Scott - 6

Things we noted. The table was a bit larger than called for. Even with adding 2 turns to the normal 7 turn game, unless someone was willing to fatigue units, the odds of getting to the farm and off again would be near impossible. The idea of adding the gold was to entice more multi-player interaction and not end up with 1 on 1 play at either end of the board.

Now we look forward to playing SAGA at Mayday this Saturday.

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