Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HOTT Night at EWG

Last night we gathered for our 2nd club night of the Month & had a pretty good turn out!

Several of us gathered to play some HOTT, just to bring some new players into the system & refresh the memories of those who have played in the past.

This also gave me a chance to bring out my Goblin Army for a test run. At this point I don't have anything completed beyond some Spear, Shooters and 1 Behemoth, so my force was somewhat lacking in clout.

We got in two games. My first game was against Chris. He was playing a force with lots of Riders (4 stands), some Spear (3 stands), a Hero and a Magician.

Below is a sneakpeak at my Behemoth Troll, he will get a better image taken of him once I am done. He was glued together to allow me to cobble together 24AP's to play.

Chris smashed into my Shooters with his Riders and managed a quick-kill. This would become routine for his Riders. The Behemoth eventually knocked out the Hero with the assistance of a flanking Spear.

Meanwhile on the other flank, my force tried to hold the high ground, but was eventually whittled down. All the while the Magician kept harrassing my Spear General with bolts of arcane propaganda. The battle was won by the Humans.

My second game was against Andy, another neophyte to HOTT. His force consisted of lots of Blade, Riders (2 elements) and Flyers (3 elements). Not sure how my troops would fare against the flyers, I proceeded to swarm my Shooters into the woods.

Andy maneuvered his Blades and Riders to assault my Shooters hoping his sheer numbers would overwhelm them.

Shooters in woods gained a lot of protection from both his Blades and Riders, nullifying much of their damage mod's and putting them more on even footing. My Behemoth Troll did manage to smash into the flank of Andy's force, turning an element of blade which would eventually cause the death of a recoiling General and a win for the Goblins.

The Flyers did not see any action in this other than to keep my Spear off to the side. Flyers will be something we will all need to work through as they do have some rather interesting dynamics.

All in all a good night and I am sure we will be seeing much more HOTT  in the months to come. Bob who hosted the HOTT venue has more of this eve's adventures on his blog.

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