Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Sword and the Flame

This evening at the club, Will brought out his colonial troops for a game of "The Sword and the Flame".

In this battle we had a small beleagured Russian force holed up in a small village awaiting the arrival of reinforcements. I played the force in the village, while Jonathan played the Russian force attempting to break thru.

Between us stood the forces of the Pathans (Afghani's) played by Scott and Chen. They were all hidden at the start, though it was quickly obvious where they would be hiding.

Below we have our host Will wearing his stylin headgear. Methinks he is betting on the Pathan's

Here we have a shot of the beleagured force. Not much to work with, but with the defending in the buildings it should balance out.

The Afghani's quickly started shooting at the town, trying to pick off the defenders.

The relief force is quickly forced to deploy and do battle with Jezzail armed Afghani's hiding within the hills. The tactic did work however as the Russian troops did not continue their advance.

Some bold Afghani's rushed out of the hills towards the waiting Russians, only to be cut down.

Eventually the Russian lines moved forward and drew out an Afghani mounted unit. A melee ensued but the Russian line held & threw back the remnants of the Cavalry.

By this time the night was drawing to a close. There was still one undetected Afghani unit, a small force of sword armed Afghani's had made it into the building where the defenders held, but failed on their charge. However some long range sniping (in part due to sniping cards) the force atop the building had lost its commander and several troops and now numbered a meer 6 soldiers.

We decided to call it and it was deemed to be a draw.

Thanks to Will for bringing out his miniatures and running the game. There was much conversation about interest in the colonial era, so lets hope to see more of it at the club. Will and I talked about doing a scenario with "Harry Flashman".

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