Wednesday, December 5, 2012

EWG Club Night 4 Dec 12

We had 8 fella's out to the club last night & had 3 games run.

Dave hosted Scott, Chen, Guy & Dennis in a game of - A Fistul of TOW's 3, pitting Canadians against the 12th SS at the battle of Buron in Normandy.

Not sure how it ended, so will leave that for Dave to comment on.

Dan brought out & hosted  Zombiecide. Bruce, Dan & myself ran the gauntlet of Zombies & did manage to win the game, though it was starting to look pretty glum.

We found ourselves at a crossroads. Below El Cholo is looking a bit overwhelmed with Walkers.

The 3 of us then played Bruce's variant of Chaos in Carpathia. Dan & I played factions trying to rest the treasures from the palace, while Bruce played the palace guard forces.

We had several prolonged melees with the forces whittling one another down. Eventually I won with have found & retained the most treasures by game end.

In anticipation of finally being able to give Zombiecide a try I managed to get 2 miniatures painted of the characters I played in the game. Nick & El Cholo.

 The models from this game are fantastic, with very little mold line issues or flash. They are made of a semi-hard plastic and painted up very well.

Seems I still need to try painting his tattoos... to finish El Cholo off.

I also need to paint Nick's watch to complete him.

 Of course looking at the models & all the zombies that will need painting, I started thinking about T-shirt logos. Is there a company out there who does Logo decals for 28mm miniatures? I figure there are likely Copyright issues with doing any logo's for companies, but at the same time, with the many many modern miniature games to surface, this seems like a lucrative opportunity. If anyone knows of a company who does make these type of decals, please leave a comment with the name.



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    1. Thanks Kevin! I have finished Dave the Geek, will post later today & am now working on some of the zombies.