Monday, February 18, 2013

Sergeants - Day of Days

Scott came out for a visit to give the Sergeants game I recently purchased a try. We actually ended up playing about 7 games, as a couple were quite deadly with one side wiped out within 2 rounds.

We found some of the instructions regarding spotting & being able to take cover a little confusing due to the scenario instructions & such, but managed to work it thru. I will be reading up on the game company FAQ's about our concerns.

We also discovered a few other things... we only had 1 hand grenade thrown & it was only because the designated soldier had too.

Having the initiative when it comes to opposing forces within melee distance of one another isn't always a good thing.

Just because your leader is Uber, he can still die with 1 shot.

Watch your arcs of fire, lest you be flanked.

The US troops are much better than their German counterparts...well to be fair the German troops are 2nd line quality, so that stands to reason.

This core game box gives a good opportunity to learn the rules, but I would agree with other posts I've read in that getting the first expansion gamebox when starting would be a good idea if you can afford both at the same time.

I will be bringing this game to the club to give it some more plays Tuesday.

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