Thursday, May 2, 2013

Battle of Adrianople - BBDBA

On Tuesday night, Dave brought out his 28mm miniatures for a large battle of DBA. Each side had what accounted to be 3 armies.

Below is an image showing the historical battle.

File:Battle of Adrianople 1.png
Image borrowed from Wikipedia

Dennis & I played the Goths, while Dave & Stu took the Romans. The mounted forces at the edges of the top & bottom table do not start on board.

An image showing our deployment of Goth infantry on the hill. The force consisted of all warband except for 2 elements of bow & 2 elements of Psiloi.

The Romans begin their advance. Luckily on turn 1 Dennis rolled a 6 allowing for his force of mounted to arrive.

It took a couple more turns before we were able to roll another 6 to bring the second mounted force onboard. Below we see the mounted troops preparing to engage. The infantry forces in the back of the picture are almost engaged as well.

The Infantry battle commences.

The Goths suffered some deplorable rolls in combat. Even when they did win, the ran forward (being warbands) & were then usually cut down the following turn. The force of Visigoth mounted I played also saw 4 light horse doubled as I suffered a string of 4 1's in a row.

I was able to take some revenge on the Roman Cavalry as I destroyed his general. Unfortunately by this point, the Goths on the hill broke, thus ending the game.

We decided it was a very close battle, and had the troops on the hill held on a couple more turns, we would likely have seen history repeat itself as the Roman mounted were crumbling.

All in all an excellent game. Thanks again Dave for bringing it out.

Up next is the Mayday games convention. I may get to squeeze in 1 more post of painted models before then, otherwise I will have stuff from the convention.

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