Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HOTT Dice the Victor Makes

Tonight we had our HOTT Campaign in which we had 3 field battles occur. Chris was unable to make it, but takes the banner for earning the most for doing the least.

We began with finishing up the 2 field battles for the Autumn turn of last month.

First up is the attack on Chris by Dennis & Stu. Dave played Chris's army for this battle & supplied a contingent from his own to counteract Stu. Below we have the initial moves by Chris (Dave) who was the defender.

The battle was an overwhelming victory for Chris, who with the aid of Dave's contingent netted Chris 14/Dave 9 vs Dennis 0/Stu 2. Dennis had his camp sacked by Dave's contingent, while both Stu  & Dennis lost their generals. In the aftermath Stu was down 2 elements, while Dennis suffered 6 lost elements.

Meanwhile Chen & I battled it out over a neutral village. Below is our starting deployment.

Another night of bad dice tolled doom for Chen as the Goblin Hordes managed a 16 to 2 crunching of Dwarves. Poor Chen suffered 2 rounds of quick kill matchup chances & failed to defeat my hot dice. Chen also lost his General during this battle.

With the field bloodied, all nations returned to their Winter Quarters to rebuild for the new year.

This saw the creation of a new alliance of Dave and Chen declaring war on me, while Dennis & Stu continued their assault against the absent Chris.

The Summer turn saw 1 field battle occur. Again Stu marched against Chris, with Dennis supporting. It was not pretty, as Stu destroyed himself against the mounted might of Chris. Again Dave sent a contingent which racked up more points.

Below is the afterimage which saw a score of Chris 14/Dave 9 to Stu 0/Dennis 0. Stu left the field 10AP lighter while Dennis was down 2AP.

Meanwhile Chen sacked a village and a city, while I laid siege to his Capital. As of the end of summer the gates still held.

Thus at the end of the night the standings are thus;

Dave          83
Dennis       46
Stu             28
Chen          60
Chris          60
Terry          66

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