Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Descent Labyrinth of Ruin Characters and....what's this?!? More Pirates!

Working thru the consignment additions finds me completing 2 of the 4 characters from the Descent 2nd Ed Expansion, Labyrinth of Ruin.

Up first is Ulma Grimstone, who looks like some sort of Alchemist/Engineer

The Descent game figures are getting better with each addition.

Next is Pathfinder Durik, who looks like an Orc or Ogre. I am quite happy with how his fur cloak turned out, however I did have some issues with my matte spray not cooperating the first time...sigh

He does have a dynamic pose however & all the parts were thick enough that there was nothing bent out of shape.

And of course, I found time to finish 2 more of the many Pirates that await the brush. Here we have an Old Glory (left) & Foundry (right) miniature.

So this finds me with 2 more Descent characters & then its all Pirates until Fallcon, when I should receive my next batch of consignment figures.


  1. What wonderful work on lovely miniatures, I'd not heard of Descent Labyrinth of Ruin, it looks like a wonderful distraction.

    1. Thanks Michael, its the newest expansion, though another is quickly coming down the pipe for the Descent game system by Fantasy Flight Games. Think Dungeons & Dragons, Heroquest, Warhammer Quest & your on the right track. Very beautiful models in their game boxes & each of them are just screaming to be painted...eventually I will start getting mine painted.