Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Zombicide at EWG

Last night I ran Zombicide at the club. We had 3 others plus myself play the survivors. Chen, Bruce & newcomer Barry joined with me to brave the streets & slay zombies.

We again played the scenario City Blocks, where the survivors needed to grab the objectives, find water, bag of rice & canned food, then escape at the exit.

We decided to open the door to the biggest building complex first. Below is what this spawned. 3 Fatties & friends, as well as a couple other walkers. Things were not looking good & we've only had 1 survivor activate.

We quickly decided to draw the majority of the zombies in the building to the one end, where the closed door prevented their going further. Meanwhile Amy drew another group down the street. While a couple survivors dealt with the paltry spawns at the end of the street, they ensured they made the most noise. We also had a good opportunity for lots of searching in the small building, gaining our first objective and lots of weapons which included a Molotov.

We knew exactly how to utilize that Molotov, as we cleared the large building of all the remaining zombies in one fell Whoosh!

We continued our onslaught & came very close to having a perfect game...then our good fortunes changed as the Runners got an extra action and slew Ned. He was the only character to suffer a wound from the 8 survivors.

This was a definite successful run of the game as apart from Ned we had achieved all the objectives and escaped. The one Abomination that showed up was quickly flamed by another Molotov. Congrats to all who participated.

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