Monday, February 17, 2014

Mice & Mystics and of course some Pirates

Yes I am aware that I've been absent getting anything posted other than the EWG club game the other night & I shall not bore you with excuses, but now with this long weekend I am finally getting back on track.

First up are 2 of the figures from the Mice & Mystics Expansion. As I am painting these for another, I do not know whom they are except the Mouse appears to be a Shaman type & of course the other critter is an obvious opponent.

And of course 2 more Pirate Crewmen. One of these finishes off the 5th crew, so now I am working on getting at least 1 more crew completed before Mayday.

Both figures are Old Glory metals.

I have 3 more Pirates drying from the dip & its off to the club tomorrow eve.

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