Monday, April 14, 2014

We Need a Stinkin Badger!

I finished off a Steam Tank which will eventually join the Scotland Yard Company in various rule sets I plan to use them in down the road.

This resin with some metal part kit came from a company called Ironclad Miniatures who had quite a range of model kits.

I will admit I was mildly surprised when once again the Midnight Blue reacted in an odd way with both the Army Painter Dark Dip & then the Matte Spray.

However in this case I was quite happy with the effect.

It actually makes the model appear weathered in what I feel is a very positive way. Definitely not a planned event, but I will take certainly take it!

The decals used were from my huge selection of old Tamiya & other plastic model kits, as well as the Rampant Gryphons from GW.

Tomorrow night is club night at EWG. As well I have another steam tank started, the Society of Thule have begun to feel the brush & of course the continuation on my Pirates.


  1. Very nice. Ironclad Miniatures do a great range of vehicles and some lovely figures.

    1. Aye they do Dannoc, I will certainly be picking up some more down the road