Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Box Arrives

I arrived home to find a box had been left by my door. I knew exactly what it was & to top it off it actually arrived very quickly!

Having first checked the Warlord Games site to buy this item I was disheartened to see it was sold out...

So I checked who made the item & quickly set off Google searching that company.

Mandertoy Miniatures did have them in stock. Of course once there I realized it made more sense to dig deeper & buy the 2 sets.


This beautiful resin set of terrain comes painted by the good folks at Mandertoy & also comes with the trees in full foliage.

I know many have talked of using scrubbing pads to create their own, so I started looking at that... & quickly became dismayed as it wasn't going to quite match what I wanted to see.

These resin models certainly did however.

There is even a piece with a  road entry on either side, so I figured I would take a photo of that with some British lads.

And of course I had to take a photo of it beside a crop field.

I ended up with the set containing both bocage set 1 and set 2  which gives me 17 feet of bocage. Fully painted and foliaged, designed to be used straight from the box.

Only another day of work before Mayday! So now its off to bed to get some preparatory sleep before 'GAME ON' sets in.


  1. You lucky chap, that is some very smart terrain you have there.

    1. Thanks Michael, its quite exciting. I had no sooner posted this when I received an email in regards to the Mayday Gamesday

      -Hi Terry. Do you have a few hedges I could borrow for MayDay please?-

      Certainly the fastest use of a game related item I've received. You will be able to see the photos likely Sunday sometime