Monday, May 12, 2014

IHMN Tod-truppen Zombies

Here are the last members of the Society of Thule Company.

Tod-Truppen Zombies

Again, beautiful sculpts from Northstar Miniatures.

I think that those Jaeger's who are alive would battle all the harder to avoid this happening to themselves.

Now that I have 2 Companies done (& can actually get into playing with this ruleset) its time to begin working on the Zombicide miniatures for consignment, as well as my own.

As I do want to get the Zombies done, I've decided to paint 5 of them for each character/Zombivore model I do. This should allow me to get a good dent into them!


  1. These are tremendous Terry, great job Sir! Good luck with the Zombiecide zeds, I just don't seem to be able to build up the incentive to start mine.

    1. Thanks Michael, now its time to get into the rules & get a couple games in using them. As for the Zombies, I was pondering the same, when I decided to go with the 5 for 1, thus forcing me to work on them.
      All this could quickly vaporize however as the Alls Quiet on the Martian Front shipping looms!