Monday, June 30, 2014

Alls Quiet on the Martian Front - The Queen of Battle arrives

I've completed the first of the Infantry units for my All's Quiet human forces. The Queen of Battle! The Infantry.

A unit of Infantry comprises 3 stands of 5 figures. This got me thinking as I preferred to go with my troops mounted on washers for storing in Magnet based boxes. As well, trying to fit the set sized base into rubble & buildings is going to be an ongoing issue.

Thus I went out & found washers of a size that would match the length of the standard base, but allow them to be individually mounted. To ensure they fit within the rules, the washers of the 5 troopers will need to touch. Not a big deal in my book & easy enough to accommodate. I see that when setting them up, I didn't place them against one another, but I did test the theory with just the washers before proceeding.

Below are a group of troopers in front of one of the Steam Tanks.

I currently have another troop of Mark II Steam tanks in the painting queue. Then will likely pursue another unit of Infantry.

Tomorrow night will find us playing some SAGA at the Edmonton Wargames Club.