Tuesday, July 29, 2014

All's Quiet HMG & Rough-Riders unit.

This morning saw the matte spray hit the latest figures. Now I can post the last HMG & Rough Rider unit. This makes me game ready for the 5th of August.

The HMG.

Below is the Rough Rider unit. This unit is quite a unique & likely a fun unit to use against the Martians. One of the bikes has an HMG mounted, which because of the bouncing suffers a -1 to hit.

Now I have to say, that having to glue the handlebars onto the rest of the bike was not at all fun. Even now, after I managed to use sticky tack to hold them in their awkward place while the glue dried on that little bit of metal I am noticing some mistakes made.

Examples being, that depending on the pose, would determine which handlebar would be used, as some upon close inspection are seen to have hands holding the handlebars which should be used with the guy with the 2 hand grip. As well, my poor leader looks like an amputee as I used plain handlebars for his bike.

Obviously the next units I put together of these will be much more scrutinized.

Otherwise the sculpts are nice, with enough details, which of course need to be covered in mud, after all they are not on parade.


  1. Very nice dude! Love the rough riders, I was expecting hooves.

    1. Thanks Bob, your right...mounted soldiers do come to mind. They are certainly mentioned in the army lists, so its possible they will be added down the road. Honestly though, I think the black dust would destroy the horses, though it will be interested to see if they model them with gasmasks?

  2. Lovely job, but I hadn't noticed the handlebar issue until I read your post.

    1. Thanks Michael, I know what you mean. I didn't realize it until after the frustration of gluing them on either.