Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All's Quiet at the EWG Club night.

Last night, Scott & I unveiled All's Quiet on the Martian Front, however being summer & the weather fantastic, it seemed more of an All's Quiet at the EWG.

We did however introduce Bruce to the game. On the other table Kevin hosted Dave, Chen & newcomer Jesse to Song of Swords & Blades.

I joined Bruce with the human forces & we once again played the Outskirts scenario.

Scott is giving his best impression of what a Martian thinks of the humans.

The humans blips deployed.

The Martians advance

The Scout Tripod scurried forward to unveil the HMG unit. After dropping Grenadier barrages on them & unleashing its own heat ray, the HMG unit evaporated & the Scout proceeded to scurry away.

This was the point where the human armour trundled forward & unleashed 4" shells on the tripods.

After taking some serious damage (1 AF remaining), the tripod rushed forward to unveil 2 more blips (1 of which was an infantry unit that vanished to more bombardments), then fell to a fusillade of rifle fire. We made sure to pull away in case the catastrophic explosion occurred.

Even though we heavily damaged another Tripod, we were unable to bring any reinforcements & Scott managed to destroy 2 more units, thus winning the victory.


  1. Lovely looking game dude! Pity you couldn't entice more people to play.

    1. Aye Bob, though one cannot blame folks for enjoying the summer while it lasts. All too soon we will be battening down the hatches again. Of course that will mean more players next time around!

  2. Just wonderful Terry a shame more people didn't enjoy it this time round - it just looks stunning!

    1. Thanks Michael. Scott did a fantastic job on his Tripods. I am sure we will have more folks about next time we host it.