Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Her Majesty's Name - First play

Jonathan came out for a visit this afternoon to give the IHMN rules a try.

I wrote up the scenario basing it on the Objectives scenario from the book---

Scotland yard has received creditable information that an unknown faction is in the process of taking receipt of a bag of Infernium. As such, the Chief Inspector has called upon the Consulting Detective to track the location of the package before it can be spirited away.

The information points to the Warehouse District, where the parcel was to be hidden in a palette of goods.

There were 6 palettes of goods on the table. It would take a figure 1 turn to search (needing to roll a 7 for success). If it was not discovered, then it would automatically be in the last palette.

Members of Scotland Yard prepare to search a palette.

It wasn't long before the unknown faction was discovered to be none other than the Society of Thule. Von Stroheim descends upon a constable. (The orange tokens were used to define whom had moved & do not represent wounds).

Scotland Yard discovered the Infernium on the second palette searched.

Meanwhile a large melee was occurring near the central statue. Feldwebel Krieg engaged a constable & Special Branch Constable for several turns.

Another short from the Yard's side of the board.

Von Stroheim continued his advance & took out the Sergeant with a shot from his Mauser Machine Pistol.

On the other side of the board, the Consulting Detective was engaged with Dr. Kobalt.

Von Stroheim continued his relentless advance. Lucky for this Constable he was able to disengage.

The Scotland Yard was able to get off the table with the Infernium, & the remainder of the battle was all melee's.

The battle ended in a 24 - 17 victory for the Scotland Yard.

Both of us enjoyed the game, after the first couple of turns, it became more fluid & we were finished in about 2.5 hours. The Society of Thule started with less figures, however they are quite tough with the Jagers having a +5 to shooting. The Consulting Detective easily handled Dr. Kobalt who couldn't down  the detective unless he rolled a 1 for Pluck.
Thanks to Jonathan for coming out to give this game a try.


  1. Nice game Terry!
    Where are the buildings from?

    1. Thanks Chen, the buildings I picked up on Ebay a few years ago from PMC Games. They have since been taken over by Caliver Books

  2. Excellent job Terry, looked like fun.

    1. Thanks Michael, it was nice to finally play the rules. Having the little company cards which came with the box of miniatures was handy as well.

  3. Lovely setup dude. Game looked great.

    1. Thanks Bob, there is nothing like having some good scenery to draw people to a game. Battlefield was 3' x 3'.

  4. A whole new set of madness awaits, mwah, ha, ha, ha.......gurgle.

    It is a great game.

    1. Thanks John, yes I hear you...want to get 2 more factions painted up for a 4 player mash-up now. I like the scenarios style of just giving you enough to be dangerous & letting your insanity carry it further.

      I will also be looking at creating the same Companies in the Pulp Alley format as that is another system thats got my interest for all things pulp.