Sunday, March 15, 2015

All's Quiet on the Martian Front - Mk III unit & Mk IV Monitor

Although it will appear I have not gotten much in the way of miniatures done for the game of All's Quiet on the Martian Front at Mayday, I will delve into that further.

However I did finish off another unit of Mk III Steamer Tanks as well as a Mk IV Monitor.

The Monitor consists of Resin body & Turret, with several metal pieces added. Overall not a tough model to build.

Armed with a main 7" Gun, 6x 4" Guns & a double barrelled MG.

This in effect allows a front arc volley of 5 shots, or 3 to sides or rear.

Comparison photo of a Mk II, Mk III & Mk IV. An infantryman is also placed for scale.

Front view

Rear View

I have 2 more Mk III units built & awaiting painting. The Flivers have been a long term project as they a multi-part metal & thus lots of waiting as things dried. They are almost finished, less wheels atm. (In hindsight I wish they had done the flivers in plastic).

Also the mobile artillery unit mounting for the Cannon leaves a lot to be desired. I am putting 1 together to decide how best to secure it so it doesn't fall apart. Again I wish they would have gone with plastic components for this model.

Further delays are due to the lack of any instructions on just how these are to go together. Looking in the Main rulebook hasn't been of much help as the models they have displayed for the Mobile Artillery are a different model kit. Ahh well, I will get through it.

Tuesday is club night, so looking forward to that.

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  1. I hear you on the metal models--the availability of plastic models has really changed what I am willing to do in terms of metal models. Anything requiring pinning, for example, is out for me. Cast on a pin if it needs it. Manufacturers need to change as standards improve. No instructions (a common Flames of War gun issue) is a real pain in the ass. Try buildings the bofors without instructions!

    1. Ok gotta get this out of the way...."Bofor or Aftah my head explodes!" I would have thought that with the advent of Plastic Soldier Companies easy build armour kits, other companies would follow suit. I will likely mod the mounts for the Mobile Field Guns as their 2 brackets will be a bugger to mount securely.
      The Field guns are going to be nuts too, once again - no instructions & just images in the book to go on.