Friday, March 20, 2015

Another game of Dead of Winter

A couple days late posting this, but I brought out Dead of Winter to the club Tuesday. This time we had Wiley, Emmy, Wes, Brian & myself.

The scenario we played was Home Sweet Home.

Emmy was first to play & what has become the norm, lost her first character to a Bitten result.

I also received a bitten result, which further took out Buddy. 3 Morale down on the first round..sheesh

We did manage to avoid our first crisis, but did not garner enough junk for the bonus morale.

Our next crisis, we fell short on.

This third crisis we let ride, as we were close to getting all the barricades needed built.

Sparky was finally brought low....reminded me of Old Yeller.

We did complete the scenario, & had 2 winners, Wes & Brian. Thanks folks for coming out.


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    1. Hi Gordon, yes its quite an interesting game, with lots going on to keep you on edge.