Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All's Quiet at the Martian Front at EWG

Scott & I hosted 4 of the fellows to our playtest of the All's Quiet game for Mayday.

Thus I will not be imparting the details of the scenario until its run at Mayday.

The general scenario is there is an Ironclad which the Martians have detected heading towards one of their redoubts & have sent a force to destroy it.

This is quite the sacrificial lamb. There are several infantry & artillery units deployed in Stealth (blips) around the Ironclad.

The Martians advance.  That's a lot of Tripods.

The overall battlefield.

The unit of Rough Riders swarmed a scout & immoblized it with 3 markers...the Tripod wasn't going anywhere.

The battle continues with numerous hits, doing minimal damage.

The Martian perspective.

Time didn't allow us to proceed past the second turn. There were lots of hits, but penetrating or actually rolling on the Tripod damage results table were abysmal . Not a single tripod was destroyed during this battle, though 3 were crippled & another immobilized.

Just a view from the US forces rear.

Scott & I will be tweaking the scenario between now & Mayday.


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    1. Thankss Ray, we will be running it again May 2nd at our clubs 1 day convention.