Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Tonight we had a swarm of people (10 to be exact) come out to play a game of SAGA. We ended up with 2 tables. Ours had 6 players & we were running the Wooden Oaths scenario from Northern Fury.

I played my 4 pt force of Welsh, fielding 1 hearthguard, 2 warriors & a levies unit.

I deployed my levies in a ruined tower, though they never saw any action from this location.

I was facing a Norman force, which forced me to occupy some uneven ground & hide behind a stone wall for some added protection.

Further down the table were some Anglo-Danes, & some Japanese troops....what are they doing in England?

The Normans attempted to charge my forces but were stalled by Holy Ground. The next turn both of us were on the same side....but for how long?

As loyalties switched all around the table, Chen & Larry enjoyed some mutual destruction which saw both of their warlords fall to one another.

My Welsh troops took the opportunity to rush out of cover & pepper the mounted Normans with Javelins, which wiped out the Norman Hearthguard unit.

As for actual body counts, we never did get a definitive answer, however both Larry & Chen had mutually mauled one another. We pretty much ended the game after this turn.

It's been awhile since we've played SAGA. It was an opportunity to show the game to some folks who had never played it, so it was good fun all around.


  1. That's a cracking turn out for what looks like a great evening's gaming.

    1. Thanks Michael, from what I've just read on our clubs facebook site, we had 18 members there last night which was fantastic! The other game that was being played was BANG!