Monday, September 21, 2015

Zombicide Nick, & Boba-Fett

This morning saw the matte spray hit the miniatures I completed yesterday.

So up first we have Nick from Zombicide, Mind if we call him Bruce to save on confusion?

As well as his Zombivore Variant.

His base will now receive some love as I add rubble & perhaps the latest Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated.

As well I finished Boba-Fett from Imperial Assault. I am sure I am not alone with my anti-hero admiration for this character. I just know somewhere in his equipment was some ant-acid to get him out of that gullet.

Not sure if I will get any painting done this weekend, as its the Edmonton Comic Expo, which I am actually dressing up for this year! YAY! Perhaps next year I can talk the wife into joining the shenanigans.


  1. Great job on all Terry and I am firmly with you on the Bobba Fett - too good to be bad - vibe! ;)

    1. Thanks Michael, got a couple more on the table from the new expansion