Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gangsters at EWG & the building ruin is completed!

For our last club night of 2015, Bruce brought out his new & improved Gangsters as in he is no longer using the Christmas Village set-up from all his previous games. I can't recall the name of the cardstock terrain he purchased, but they do indeed look nice! He does need to do a few more though.

Bruce uses the Chain Reaction rules, modified to use d10's. This allows everyone a chance, which seems to not be the case using a d6.

As we didn't have the 4 players, we just rand a Cops & Robbers scenario, with the Gangsters trying to load the whisky & escape before the Coppers showed up.

The Fuzz makes its entrance. One of the Gangsters with a Tommy Gun, knocked out one of the police cars.

However one of the officers, also armed with a Tommy gun, hopped out & incapacitated the gangster.

At the other end of the table, the Gangsters had managed to wipe out the FBI & were making their escape. However some fleet footed officers managed to tie them down long enough for other officers to arrive.

By games end, almost every vehicle had been disabled by fire.

The FBI lying near their disabled car. The officer to the right was running away.

In the end, the Police managed to keep the peace, having slain or apprehended all but 2 of the Gangsters.

The game is certainly better with more players, as it creates all kinds of mayhem, with corrupt cops, bamboozling badguys & femme fatales.

I also finally completed the building ruin from the earlier post, having finally added the roof, & floors. 

The inside of the roof piece is detailed, the floor pieces are not on the underneath portion.

As mentioned in the previous post, I went online & tracked down images of Medieval art to use for the frames hanging on the wall.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but the ruin set also came with some corner rubble piles.

Which fit nicely at the corners.

With Christmas looming ever nearer, I've found my actual painting time to be near non-existant. I still have the Myth figures on the paint table as well as a couple GW Footmen I am painting for Frostgrave.

Speaking of Frostgrave, I've received my expansion set & yesterday another order of some of the new Cultist blisters. Also arriving were some Hassle-free Miniatures ordered during Black Friday. I have a few more outstanding orders from that day as well as some Kickstarters arriving, oh what a Christmas it will be!

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  1. Loving looking gangster game, but that ruin rather steals the show - what a triumph Terry.

    1. Thanks Michael, there are quite a few more of those ruins to build, they all use the same parts, so will be quite similar, but as general ruins, they will fit in all sorts of games.