Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mayday Report

Another Mayday draws to a close, after a game of gaming & auction buying / selling.

As the first games get underway, we still have a few stragglers drifting in. This year there was a 40K event, Guildball tournament & Kings of War event. We also had several other games throughout the day.

 First up for me was joining in on the Cthulhu Wars game, where I again played the Great Cthulhu.

 This was my first 5 player game of this, so I was looking forward to the busy board.

It wasn't long before all the Great Old Ones were present. Then the Creeping Chaos starting wiping all of them out, garnering a swath of Elder Signs.

The Doom / Victory track as the end. I believe everyone did get all their spell books.

During the afternoon I played in Scott's Space Skirmish scenario. 

We diced for units & I got the Robot force.

The scenario was a downed vessel. 2 units of Galacteer's were en route to rescue survivors. 2 other factions from the planet, had other plans.

The Galacteer's arrive at the wreck & the search begins.

My force encountered some huge creature that came from the water. It locked me down for a very large part of the game, as I was unable to slay it.

Another view of my force.

Eventually my War bot got involved & more turns passed as I kept hitting the creature in the torso & didn't have the strength to break through.

During the evening session I ran Frostgrave & had 4 people play the Well of Sorrows scenario.

The butchery started right in the first turn & after an exchange of missile weapons & spells, found an archer & an apprentice down.

We did have several wandering monsters. In this case a troll spawned

Andy was having quite a bit of success with 20's. Here another archer is felled by a killing blow.

Chen's Wizard was the first to drink from the pool.

Meanwhile a bear had showed up & joined the troll in attacking Chris's Wizard / Apprentice.

Meanwhile Chen & Craig's Wizard got into melee. The Barbarian was bested by the Wizard.

As the game was drawing to a close. Chris had his Wizard felled, Craig's & Chen's  Wizard's had drank from the well.

Chen won the game, followed by Andy.


  1. That looks like a fabulous day out, I was quite taken by the science fiction table and lovely to see the Frostgrave set up too.

    1. Thanks Michael attendance overall was lower than usual, but we managed ok & those attending enjoyed the venue. Scott did a good job of keeping his project hidden from prying eyes, only occasionally posting a photo of something painted

  2. Brilliant day from the looks of all those games!

    1. Thanks Simon, still holding hopes for a 7 player Cthulhu wars game one of these days!

  3. Hi,

    just for curiosity. Do you know which manufacturer produces the miniatures of the robot force in the space skirmish scenario?

    1. I will need to have Scott respond to this as they are his miniatures.

    2. The robot legion forces, the Galacteers, the human survivors and the Aquaclops are all from Hydra Miniatures. The rest of the figures are from Bombshell Miniatures.

    3. Thank you both. There are really cool miniatures and very well painted. Now I will have to figure out a shop that sells them over here in EU without having to pay a kidney and a half :)

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