Sunday, August 7, 2016

Platforms & Statues & Fountains...OH My!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted due to the complexity of what I was working on, as well as real life (concerts, etc).

However I finally finished them up this afternoon, though the statues/fountains will be getting their water layers during the next week & a half to finish them. They require 24 hours drying time between layers.

First up, a large circular raised platform with stairs & ramps. Once again I patterned the sides & top using my Greenstuff World rollers. I used the cobblestone one for the top this time around.

This piece is quite large. I guess I should have used a figure for scale. It will be great for use of tower ruins, etc.

Next is another rectangular platform with stairs at the one end. Now I learned a lesson with this one, as I know sooner began to paint it, that one of the corners of the stairs was broken off (its quite slim) & I had to glue it back on... my solution will be seen next.

Part of the building of these left me quite a bit of leftover scraps. So I took some & made 2 stairways.

Which can now be added where ever I want them on the platforms. This will certainly make them more versatile!

As I alluded in my previous post, my next platform has 3 cellars carved into it. I will now be making some wood floors from stir sticks to place over these cellars.

I've also been busy with some more terrain pieces to use up my water effects. Figured now that I opened the bottle, I had better use it up before it dries out on me.

So I started with a large statue / water piece. The statue is a Minotaur from the Lion, the With & the Wardrobe toys which I got at a garage sale for 50 cents. The base its on is from a jar of coffee. The base is once again an old AOL CD with foam cut out & carved into blocks.

Surely what turned out to be the most difficult of the fountains, was this 4 spout version.
I had a lot of trouble getting the wire just right (one cut to short, another wouldn't glue well in the mouth, etc.

The fountain heads are from a Hirst Arts mold, the centre post is foam, carved to mount the heads onto. 

 The last fountain I decided to go with a ruined statue. Some time ago the Dollar store had these wizard type figures available, so I bought a couple. I then used my razor saw to cut him in half.

So now as I said above, I need to continue with layering the water effects to finish them off. So as I have a few more figures currently on the paint table, mostly for Frostgrave, my eye fell upon this 2 player starter set for Malifeaux. A system I have been itching to try for some time. 

I got this set last fall & it's been a distraction. The Boars I am working on for use in Frostgrave are also from Malifeaux & didn't help as I saw how well these plastic kits go together.  It should be a good start as there are only 8 figures to build & paint for it.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Awesome work as usual Terry :D

    1. Thanks Larry! Hey we need to see you at the club!

  2. Wow, tremendous building Terry, the fountains rather steal the show though - awesome effects.

    1. Thanks Michael, coming from a master that's quite the compliment!

  3. The fountains all look great. As for the four spout one did you drill holes for the wires to go in?

    I really like the cellars are you going to add ladders or something for access?

    1. Thanks Simon, I did indeed drill small holes. Then foolishly glue in one end of a long piece of wire to each, then had to trim the wire....should have got it all cut & fitted prior to gluing. Leave it to me to do it bass ackwards.

      I am thinking that yes. The biggest use is to 'hide' treasures from Telekinesis endowed wizards. I am also thinking I can use doors in some & have a sort of catacomb to the outside parts of the platform (maybe it takes a turn to traverse before exiting.

  4. Awesome Job!
    How did you do the water that is streaming for from the faces?

    1. Hi Ron, I used a piece of wire glued into the face. Then there is a product called Water effects (can find in hobby, model train shops) that is used normally to make waterfalls, etc. It's more of a paste which dries clear (kind of like white glue). You just keep adding it to the wire until the desired effects are completed. You can also use on the water to make ripples, etc.