Monday, May 1, 2017

Quite a Mixed Bag

As I paused my pursuit of completing the core box of Zombicide Black Plague Zombies (due to needing to run the game this coming weekend), I did manage to work on some other things.

First up I completed the 2 heroes from the Star Wars Imperial Assault - Bespin Gambit expansion. Davith Elso & Murne Rin

These are the first of the latest batch of Star Wars figures I am painting for a buddy.

Next I completed the first of the 2 boxes of these Shadows of Brimstone Slugs.

These are 2 piece plastic models & come 3 per box. My intent is to use them as Giant Worms for Frostgrave (or perhaps even use them as Giant Slugs in a scenario of my own devising) complete with acidic slime.

As well it was a good week for arrivals, seeing the second part of my Conan Kickstarter arrive, as well as the Scrappers ruleset

While we were out, I saw these 2 lions at the dollar store. Once placed beside the miniatures I realized they are a little large....not that there is anything wrong with that!

Another arrival was my Path to Osiris Kickstarter of Egyptian ruins (which I bought for pulp gaming). The first image is some of the pieces & how they arrive

I did a test round on 4 of the pieces to see how they looked with a Yellow Ochre / Light Army Painter Dip scheme.

I think I found a use for those pots of Light Dip now! Granted the figure is on quite a raised base, but I think the walls could have been a little higher. Regardless they will look good on the table.

So that's all the news for now, it's off to the club tomorrow & then Mayday is happening this Saturday!


  1. My goodness you weren't joking, what a wonderful bunch! Love the Star Wars Hammerhead chap particularly.

    1. Thanks Michael, as far as the Star Wars figures go, I've only painted the ones for my buddy, my own sit in their boxes awaiting the day they get the nod.

  2. A great selection Terry, well done with all of them. :)