Saturday, February 10, 2018

Everyone needs a good Kick!

As per the title of this post, I've gotten several kicks over the past few weeks, culminating in a big 3 box delivery Friday.

As can be guessed, I have received some more of the Kickstarters I went in on.

First up, I received the Vengeance Kickstarter a few weeks ago, but hadn't gotten around to posting. From my memory of this game, they mentioned "Think of Kill Bill"

As well as the add-ons for it. The Rosari Clan Expansion


Some extra games tiles which came in the expansion below

And lastly a Hero -  Meatboy Murphy.

 I also received a parcel in the mail on Friday, which turned out to be my Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter

For starter packs I just picked up the Lawmen & Outlaw sets, as well as Ashton Campbell. I recall there being a couple other factions available, but chose to go small on this one. There will be another Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter starting up soon!

As for the 3 large Jarrett already posted on our club facebook page...Mythic Battles has finally arrived! I went in heavy on this one as you shall see.

The core game 

Pandora's Box...not sure what's inside of this, but it may be all the additional stretch goal figures that were added throughout the campaign. Almost afraid to open it....almost

With all the unlocked expansions, Mythic realized that they needed a box just to put all the various cards, they added a Storage Box, the dimensions being the same as the core game.

Then came the expansions...

I took the shrink wrap off the core box to look at the miniatures. I was not disappointed!

So as rumour has it that miniature painters will not die until all their miniatures are painted, I think I just added another 5 years to mine as it will surely take me at least that long to get these done....added to my mountain which already festoons my basement. Perhaps I will just focus on the core game of each & then go from there. I still have some zombies from Zombicide Black Plague to complete on that front!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow looks like your going to busy. Never heard of Vengeance but it looks pretty wicked!

    1. Thanks Simon, as I stated above, it's all added to the pile. Doubt even a fish-eye lens could capture all that's awaiting a brush in my home.

      I may have to strip the shrink & have a look inside the Vengeance Box.. generally I avoid this to prevent the shiny distrations.

  2. All of those look amazing! Vengeance looks intriguing

    1. Thanks Gobbo... not sure how I am going to handle painting these tattooed gangs...that is a LOT of tatting!