Monday, March 12, 2018

Frostgrave - Granite Golem

As I continue prepping for the Hunt For Golem mini-campaign, I've been sourcing some needed figures.

As I found some casualty figures in the previous post & have finished the remainder this past Sunday. I also wanted to find a unique figure to represent the Granite Golem. There are a lot of miniature manufacturers with lots of options.

However I had a buddy get me a couple figures of this guy, a prepainted Wizards of the Coast figure named Maug. I've seen some others who are Frostgrave players also use this guy.

So I got him based & painted up. Here is the final result. I opted for a metal collar, inscribed with runes, the various additional granite plates held together with metal bands.

 I am happy with the result.

As well here are the remaining victims of said Golem's rampage.

I've also got a couple more of the Zombicide Zombies done, this is relevant as I've been using the walker zombies as the Zombies in Frostgrave.

That leaves me with 11 more Zombies to complete the core game box...meanwhile Zombicide Green Horde is on its way, & I still have all the expansions of Black Plague yet to do!

It's all good though. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow what an awesome looking golem. Both prepainted and your new version of him. The Casualty markers all look good. Loving the zombies you are certainly doing well with getting your boxed games painted despite more arriving.

  2. The golem a great model and you've really done it justice. The other bits are great too!

  3. The golem is amazing. Nice addition on every frostgrave table.

  4. Hi Terry! The re-paint is awesome! I'm actually running a campaign in the future that contains a golem and I've been searching and searching and this one looks like it would work great! I can only find it online, and the measurements on one site are listing a size range, not a direct measurement (says 1 to 3 inches which is a huge variance in terms of miniatures). Are you able to confirm if this is like a size "Large" or "Huge" miniature? I was looking for a contruct/golem closer in scale to my players.

    1. You can see the scale of this guy in my post He is indeed LARGE compared to a standard 28mm figure. There are however a lot of golem figures produced by various companies that should fit the scale your after. Good luck!