Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Frostgrave Campaign - The Attack Site

 This past weekend our campaign continued as we began the Hunt for Golem mini-campaign.

The Attack Site:  As the warbands make their way through the ruins, they come upon a scene of carnage. Amongst the rubble are the fresh corpses of several other warbands.
  While such sights are not unusual, the sheer savagery that has been inflicted on the bodies gives pause to even the most hardened warriors.

The set-up was done prior to the players arriving. Instead of treasure tokens, there are casualty figures strewn about the game area.

Any figure that is in base contact with one of these bodies, may spend an action to see what is discovered.
As is usual, I've modified the scenario slightly with the use of a different table when searching corpses. 

 The warbands involved in this adventure were as follows;

 What transpired is as follows...

So the aftermath yielded the following;

Bob (Scott) -  370xp, 1 treasure - 30gc, 3 scrolls: Raise Zombie, Mind Control, Glow. Trevor killed.

Innovar (Craig) - 390xp, 1 treasure - 60gc, Grimoire - Circle of Protection. Delva killed.

Ludwig (Chen) - 420xp, 2 treasures - 70gc, Gloves of Casting, Scrolls - Reveal Death, Circle of Protection, Write Scroll. Anonymous recieved permanent injury-Never Quite as Strong; Christophe, Hans miss game.

Eben (Me) - 520xp, 4 treasures - 370gc, Potions - Healing, Elixer of Speed, Grimoires - Forget, Reveal Secret, Leap. Aino, Marshman miss game.

So another bloody affair, though this time everyone got at least 1 treasure. Thanks to the guys for coming out!