Friday, July 6, 2018

Mythic Battles Pantheon

On Tuesday night at the club, I finally got a chance to play Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Daniel brought it out & we played a skirmish game to learn the mechanics.

There are 4 types of units you can get, Gods, Heroes, Monsters & Soldiers. The parts are nicely done, take for example this Amazon Soldier card.

Action that units can perform are either basic or complex. In order for a unit to do an action, you must play its card. I quickly deployed the Amazons in the woods, as they were a ranged unit & would benefit from the cover of the woods.

Daniel, brought out Achilles, so I sent the Minotaur & Athena to deal with him. The goal is either to gather 4 of the gems, or slay the opponents god.

At first seeing the cardstock trees & pillars, seemed to be just to add some 3d effects, however I then discovered one of Heracles abilities, is to pick up & hurl said pillars & trees. There were a few units that had this ability. Needless to say I was quick to do it. As they are used, they are removed from the game.

Daniel ran Zeus in to deal with Heracles & Odysseus as I was being quite annoying with them. Unfortunately for Zeus, the unit limit in this particular zone was 3, thus he was unable to bring Cerebus in to assist. Heracles managed to take down his father & win the game.

I really enjoyed the game, each figure has abilities, which set them apart from others, even though other units may share some of them. The game was very thematic. The only trouble I had was how the dice are done. Where you roll first to see how many 5's you get, then reroll those to see if you wound against the defenders armor value.

Thanks Dan for bringing this out!


  1. More loveliness to tempt me into handing over my pocket money!

    1. The miniatures are superb with this one Michael. As a Kickstarter I went all in, even getting the plastic terrain to replace the cardstock ones. Of course it will take quite some time for mine to see paint. Speaking of which, part of the game was a painting guide for all the miniatures which was quite detailed.

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    1. Thanks Gobbo! And whats worse, they are working on a Viking themed one next! Oh my poor piggy bank!