Tuesday, September 4, 2018

An Hour & 55 Minutes in Peking

This evening Bruce brought out his 55 Days at Peking game based on the defence of the Legations by the various Western Powers against the Boxers. The game lasts 20 turns to determine if the boxers are held at bay, or the Western Powers succumb to the Imperial Throne

Each of the players played a Western Power in a co-op battle against the card driven actions of the Boxers. We had Britain, Russia, Japan, US & Germany. I played the Germans

My unit on the wall was quickly engaged by a group of Boxers

Meanwhile one of the Legation outbuildings caught fire causing the defenders to give ground.

Chinese Sappers caused the outlying defences to be forced into an ever smaller defensive zone.

We also had random arrivals of in this case, Christians whom we had to move to & escort into the Legations, failing to do so would cost each Western Power much needed supplies.

The defensive zone continues to become smaller.

The walls of the Russian Legation are breached ( this provided less cover defence bonus's)

Fortune was on the Western Powers side however as none of the Legations were captured by the boxers by games end.

Thanks Bruce for bringing this out, I think all involved had a great time!


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    1. I will pass it along to Bruce Gobbo. Most of his walls, etc are made from Foam Core. Quite the collection he gathered for this & from I recall, it's based on a Pony Wars article from a Wargames Illustrated #21. Combat was based on Dragon Rampant. I think we ended up getting off lucky & had plentiful supplies throughout.

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    1. Thanks Simon, I will pass it along to Bruce. This guy sure does some fine games for our club!

  3. Great looking game and a period I'm very interested in.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, Bruce outdid himself with this one!