Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Van Helsing Cosplay

Back in September I attended the Edmonton Expo. This year I sported a new Cosplay of Van Helsing.

I have held off posting any photos here (though some taken during the con were posted on my Facebook) as I was waiting for those that were taken by a Professional Cosplay Photographer to come back.

Well the wait is over & it was worth the wait! I bought the 3 Package Special. Each consisted of an Edited, Enhanced & Composite image.

First up the Edited.

Followed by the Enhanced

And the best for last, the Composites!

So with the successful end to this endeavor, I need to thank those who were instrumental in its fufillment!

MAKing Props for the Crossbow Commission

Tanya for the work on distressing & accenting the outfit & lastly

Hybrids Concept Imagery & particularly Sol for the photo shoots!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Zomtober - Week 4

Here we are at the final week of the 2019 Zomtober event. For my finale, I did another of the Suvivor / Zombivore sets. 

Troy, the traveller

“What… you never seen a shotgun before?”
Troy has traveled far and wide. He has fought zombies and demons for years, even centuries if you believe him. Troy knows where they come from and what must be done to send them back to Hell. Most likely he’s seen one too many horror films, that’s all. Troy is probably mad. Or is he?

Of course based on Ash from the Evil Dead franchise...this one obviously before the loss of his hand, which we all know makes he become even more bad-ass!

In hindsight, the Zombivore would make a good Deadite version of him too!

Another great Zomtober for all those who participated. I got to see some other miniature lines I am unfamiliar with & it's great to see all the zombie fans out there!

However even though the event ends this weekend, I managed to get all of the survivor figures as well as a bunch more zombies primed, just in time it seems as the temps are now below 0 at the moment.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Zomtober - Week 3

For this week's post I did up a Survivor / Zombivore set.

So here we have Dave the Geek!

Direct from the Zombicide site for Dave's history.

So it was after I had finished everything up, got the photos edited for size etc, that I noticed an error....umm the decals don't quite match unless he is looking in a mirror! Ahh well, we will write that off to the Zombivore wearing his shirt inside out

For some reason the photos look shiny, though I can attest that he isn't.

So we have 1 more week of Zomtober, however with the weather changing, I have been getting as much of my "planned" stuff primed as I can before the snow flies & the temps plummet.

I have a couple options for the last week, perhaps a terrain piece? Another Survivor? & as always... there are lots more zombies!

Thanks for visiting.

Friday, October 18, 2019


While getting my Zomtober entry completed this week, I also managed to finish up a couple more pieces of the Timeworn Ruins.

So here I have the 2 braziers that came with the set. Again I thought about it & decided to not glue the flame pieces into the braziers. This way I could have them unlit.

As well I can use the fire pieces in a campfire base (yet to be built) for any game setting.

And of course set them into the braziers as originally designed for when they are lit.

The guys will be coming over for our next Frostgrave Campaign game this weekend, so I a busy getting the games table ready for that.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Bob's Halloween Themed Game

Tonight was our last club night of October, so Bob brought out a game using the Tribal rules & a Halloween Theme...sort of...  

There were spirits, Ghost Busters, Monsters & Arkham Asylum.

The game had 4 players. Batman, Penguin, Ghost Busters & Arkham Asylum. There were also some cultists attempting to summon monsters. They would continue to do so until removed.

In the centre sat Arkham Asylum. The Gates closed & groups of Assistants prowling the grounds.

We chose our factions. I took Batman, who also had a gang of shooter cops, Black Lightning & Katana. Black Lightning & the cops are heading for the cultists in the cemetary.

We had some monsters arrive on the first turn. Below, some of the guardians of Arkham meet with a rather tall fellow...he was not very nice.

Black Lightning spent the game dealing with numerous waves of summoned spirits.


Batman & Katana move to engage Dr Charlie Brown.

Alas, the caped crusader was not up to the task this eve. He did engage the Penguin, pummeling him down to just 1 hit point. Then Charlie Brown closed with Batman & took him out. 

Nice little game, with fairly simple mechanics..hardest part being to remember your abilities & what the different suits of the cards provide.

Thanks Bob for bringing it out!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Zomtober Week 2 - Zombies are Always Late

It's Thanksgiving Weekend here for us Canadians, so that compiled with a night out to see Evil Dead, the Musical, it ate into my planned time to get this post ready for Sunday Morning.

However here this week's Shamblers are.

Yep more of my many unpainted Zombicide figures, fitting I suppose as a new version is releasing on Kickstarter within the next couple weeks.

I painted the zombie to the right as a Pilot, which may be useful for any scenario's involving a plane escape.

I did manage to get a head start on my next week's entry, so should be on time for that one, unless of course Murphy get's involved.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Temple Ruins

As we have completed the first game of our Frostgrave Campaign Reboot, the warbands have now passed through the 2 gates. With that being said, reading the scenarios, the next couple take place amongst Temple Ruins.

So.... it was time for a Terrain Project.

Luckily GW had recently launched some wonderul terrain kits to help with this dilemma. The Shattered Temple

And the Timeworn Ruins.

The kit sort of leaned towards gluing the columns onto the platform base. Well being the way I am, I opted to glue some cardstock to the column bases & thus be able to add, remove as desired. Sticky Tack is a wonderous thing!

So here is the base. 

The columns, drawn from both kits.

 And the temple with columns set on the plinths.

Nice little kit & it will certainly fit the bill for part of the temple ruins. I have some other kits from the line that may also get built in the near future for our games.

Now its back to the Zomtober entry! Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Zomtober - Week 1 - The Flailing Zombie

A very pathetic start to my Zomtober, however I needed a zombie that differed from the others I use for my Frostgrave Warband.

So here I found an old Citadel Lost Tribes metal miniature aptly called, FTZ-2 Zombie Attacking.

I still have a couple of these old 80's miniatures. However this is the only 1 I've recently repainted for Zomtober. One of the interesting things of this range, was that there were many variant's to each. Although the pose was static, there were numerous different heads!

Certainly by today's standards in miniatures, he shows his age, but a cool figure regardless. 

Heading back into my original Zombicide game for the next installment. I still have a great many unpainted figures from there & hope to get another of the heroes with his Zombivore variant done for next week.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Frostgrave - Ambronnax

So as we are delving into the Forgotten Pacts sourcebook. Looking at the scenarios, the first named Major Demon is Ambronnax. The description mentions an Ape body with 2 pig heads.

Your right, there are no figures out there like that. So what is one to do?

Why ---Improvise!

I have quite a few of the Reaper Bones giant ape figures...so I poked around until I found this body. Off with the head!


Then it was scrambling around for some boar's heads...I first thought of the plastic GW ones, but they were huge & the tusks quite small. The I remembered an old set of metal RAFM boars I had for pulling a chariot.

A quick introduction with a razor saw provided me the bounty needed. Then it was just a quick blob of Green stuff to make the neck & provide the stable base to shove the heads into. And the result is what you see here!

Personally I am not a big modding guy. I am quite happy with standard figures, with perhaps some options to glue different arms & what-not onto a figure. I do hope that if Joe reads this, that he makes a deal with Nick to create these wonderous critters he comes up with, so us folks who love the game, can just buy them...

...however with that being said, I am pretty happy with how this guy turned out. Not sure how I will manage the next one, guess we will see.

Now I am working on the terrain for the ruined temples & to add to the insanity..it's ZOMTOBER!

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Frostgrave - The Shrine of Prophecy

A couple Sundays ago, we launched a reboot of our Frostgrave Campaign with new Wizard warbands. This campaign will be focussed on the Forbidden Pacts scenarios for the most part.

We had 4 warbands take the field.

Roach the Warlock - Lvl:0 (Me)

Spengler the Sigilist - Lvl:0 (Chris)

Maximus the Summoner - Lvl:0 (Scott)

Barden the Summoner - Lvl:0 (Chen)

The Shrine of Prophecy:
  In the centre of the table lays the ruins of the shrine. Within are 2 archways, seeming devoid of doors. Outside are the rubbled remains of buildings.

Also outside the shrine are a couple of ruined carts, their contents strewn about. The bodies of slain soldiers can be seen, as well as blackened areas near them. The blackened areas are the greasy remains of slain demons which fought with the soldiers.

Within the ruins are a Wizard (Severus) & his Apprentice (Sven). They are all that remain of the band which fought the demon guardians. They have just completed the ritual learned from the prophecy to activate the portals, & are now waiting to pass through them.

Special Rules:
The Wizard & Apprentice have just learned that a Major Demon is about to break through the portals which bind them beyond this realm. They hare attempting to gather the items needed to keep it contained. Unfortunately these other warbands have stumbled into the area & will likely disrupt their plans. Until the portals activate, they will both try to cast fog spells to shield themselves from the other warbands. Once the portals activate their actions will be to enter them.

On turn 3 the portals activate, which allows both Severus & Sven to pass through them.

The portals will remain active until a demon spawns from each. They will then deactivate at the end of the creature phase.  It will require another to solve the prophecy in order to re-activate them. Anyone who passes through 1 of the portals is removed from the game (keep track which portal they pass through).

Each turn a portal is active, roll a Summon Demon spell with a TN of 10.

Once the wizards get within the ruined walls of the shrine, they will see the remnants of a mural. Though mostly destroyed, there is still enough to gain insight that something terrible is soon to occur. After spending 2 actions deciphering the mural, a Will test TN 12 is required to learn how to activate the portals.

Also amongst the ruins are the remains of soldiers, & several piles of treasure.

Treasures & XP:

10xp for each corpse searched (requires 1 action). Each has 1d20 GC on them.
25xp for solving the prophecy & activating the portals.
50xp for each treasure recovered & removed.
25xp for a treasure in possession at game end, but which hasn't left the table.

If the prophecy is deciphered (either in game or after) the wizards learn that time is of the essence & that they will need to split their band in order to allow time to gather the 2 amulets needed. (players will provide the GM with a roster as to which soldiers enter each portal).

If treasures have been gathered, at least 1 un-injured soldier must remain behind to guard the loot. Soldiers which are badly wounded must also be left behind (players can opt to replace badly wounded soldiers with new ones if they have the cash to do so)

So with all the preamble done, how did they do?

Barden - 170xp, 30GC, Potions - Iron Mind, Elixer of the Chameleon, Preservation (Sold)
Gruff killed; Karazan, Metalhead Badly Wounded

Spengler - 290xp, 128GC, Orb of Power (8), Grimoire - Reveal Death
Murray Badly Wounded

Maximus - 270xp, 120GC, Drinking Horn of Healing, Fate Stone

Roach - 310xp, 250GC, Grimoire - Glow, Summon Demon

Thanks for following our mis-adventures!