Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Frostgrave Soldiers

This past weekend I completed 3 more of the Frostgrave Soldiers. Here I made a Treasure Hunter, Infantryman & Crossbowman

It appears some touching up of the base rims is in store.

I've also been putting together & basing the Barbarians for our campaign relauch. I have also been creating a figure to represent Ambronnax. I first thought to use 2 GW boar heads, but they are huge. Luckily I tracked down 2 old RAFM metal boar figures I had & lopped off their heads to use for the Demon. More on that one in another post.

Thanks for dropping by! 


  1. Lovely additions to your henchmen pool!

  2. Great stuff Terry! I really like that treasure hunter with the lantern 🙂

    1. Thanks Ivor, all the pieces used are from the Frostgrave Soldiers box set.