Monday, December 23, 2019

Frostgrave Campaign - Time Rot

A week ago we played our 3rd Forgotten Pacts campaign game. This time the 2nd half of the warbands made an attempt to grab the Amulet of Constancy.

Again we have 5 warband groups vying for this.

Roach the Witch

Venkman the Sigilist Apprentice

Martinus the Summoner Apprentice

Diinsec the Summoner Apprentice

Kalissa the Summoner

We played the scenario Time Rot, but I will let the comic tell the story.

So as stated none of the bands made it to the centre to grab the amulet. Venkman managed to get the closest, even getting on top of the platform.

 Other wizards were focussed on trying to get a body count over the scenario's goals, however there is nothing wrong with some good rivalry's

The aftermath for each of the bands looked like this

Venkman (Chris) - 140xp, 50gc, Ring of Will, Null Blade

Martinus (Scott) - 40xp.  Marcellus Badly Wounded (Miss Game)

Diinsec (Chen) - 145xp, 100gc, Potion of Invisibility,Construct Oil (Sold)

Kalissa (Andrew) - 60xp. Kalissa Badly Wounded (Miss Game)

Roach (Terry) - 280xp. Jenkin Killed; Kegan Badly Wounded (Miss Game)

So thats it for our campaign until the New Year, which really isn't that far off.

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  1. Another cracking presentation and wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

  2. Have to agree with Michael, well done Terry.
    Merry Christmas,

  3. Hey man in your march 29th 2019 post I saw you had some canadian mounties models I was wondering where you got them from cause I would love to get some for an imperial guard killteam for 40k if you could email me a link I would suuuuper fuckin appreciate it. thanks man and keep up the cool stuff!

    1. same person just showed that it didnt have my contact info. btw happy late holidays!

    2. Hey, those Mounties belong to Dan, however I would be good to say those are likely from Pulp Miniatures Bob Murch is a great guy to deal with