Saturday, January 18, 2020

Couple of Quick Game Updates

We had our first club night, almost 2 weeks ago now. Bruce brought out a Napoleonic battle using the Lasalle rules.

The battle was a French bridgehead attempting to dislodge the Austrian forces. Richard & I played the Austrians, while Bruce & Scott were the French.

As the French Guns advanced, I opened up with my battery, totally missing them. Well this is off to a crap start. Bruce then returned the favour & wiped the only artilery the Austrians had off the field.

The French pushed the centre with their infantry attempting to dislodge the defenders in the town. The Austrians gave a good effort on the left flank.

Alas, the centre crumbled, however the battered French units were having their flanks crushed. I believe we called it a draw.

Then it was off to Craigs house to have a go at Batman! This was the Monolith game Kickstarter. 

Craig had pre-determined the characters for each of us. I got Harvey Bullock with a group of GPD baton wielding officers.

We had 4 objectives to capture. We had already begun with protecting Witnesses (Orange figures). We also had to interrogate crooked SWAT cops, hack a computer console & retrieve a briefcase from one of the Main Criminals.

Harvey with squad in tow follows the Witness to the crime hideout.

As the Crooked Cops opened fire on the good guys, Harvey spelled off one of his officers with the Witness into a subway car. We opted to take out 3 of the 4 crooked cops (they were using Automatic Weapons on us), Harvey went after the remaining fella...he had a few questions to ask him.

It was then, that Clayface came out of another Subway car & made for Bullock.

Ignoring Clayface, Harvey continued after the crooked cop! Alas for Clayface, he found himself in a crossfire from the other forces of good & was taken down quickly.

By game end, we had gotten 3 of the 4 objectives completed. Mainly due to some lucky dice rolls.

The game is similar to Conan by using the track for the opponents. Dice pools determine the amount of actions a character can perform. With the stance of the character determining how much of his tokens he gets to return to his pool each turn. Resting obviously provides the greater return at the loss of doing much.

The guys are over tomorrow for our next Frostgrave game. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 6, 2020

3D Printed Ruins

Just as we were wrapping up 2019. I had posted some images of the unpainted 3D building ruins I had printed.

With the barrels from that print run completed. It was time to tackle the building ruins.

I am still debating whether to affix them both to a base. That would allow me to develop some rubble clutter, etc. But kept separate allows more flexibility.

Actually I have been thinking of basing all of my ruins. Currently the base we are using often ends up as the floors as well. Thus basing them, would allow me to think of say...a raised structure with a basement. I will need to decide on the best medium for that. Something that won't warp & can be easily filed to better blend in.

I am in the process of preparing to print my first large piece from the Stormwatch Terrain Kickstarter. It's looking to take 23 hours for the run, so will need to plan that accordingly.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Chain of Command - 1939 Russia vs Japan

On Saturday, Stephan hosted several of us at his house to play a game of Chain of Command.

This was to be a border conflict somewhere in Mongolia, with Russian forces engaging Japanese troops.

At this stage, the squads were quite large & did not operate in teams, thus they would either all shoot, or move. The Russians deploy first, a couple of their BT-7 tanks also arrive. (Chris & Chen played the Russians)

As word spreads, the Japanese deploy to intercept the interlopers. (Andrew & I played the Japanese)

I played the armoured elements, with my first 2 tanks arriving. (As they enter from the road, it often leads to this situation, where tanks pile up side by side, not the most historical tactics).

 A Japanese squad rushes to the Kraal wall to catch the Russians in the open.

At the urging of a Senior leader, a loud URAAGHHH! is heard & the 2 Russian squads rush the Japanese troops.

As the slaughter was bloody, I chose not to show that footage. Both squads at the wall were decimated.

The tanks at the other end of the battle were slugging it out. Round after round was deflected from Sgt Ping's tanks. A shot managed to destroy the main gun of one of the BT-7's. It then surged ahead into the grain. As well a T28 trundled onto the field. 

Then with the arrival of a Russian Field Gun, the shock on the defending Japanese squad began to quickly mount. The Russian Infantry squad moves into the grain preparing for another assault.

The BT-7 Command Tank is knocked out. The driver of the 2nd BT-7 is killed.

The Russians pummel the Japanese squad causing it to break. They then managed to end the turn, causing the squad to rout.

The remainder of the Japanese tanks advance slowly (doesn't help when you continue rolling 1's for movement. The Japanese commander's tank (Top in photo) had been immobilized.

There was 1 further charge by the Russians & again the melee was bloody & deadly. Although the Russians won the fight, they lost both their Junior & Senior leaders. When the command hits were rolled, the battle ended in a draw with both forces dropping to 0.

Of course there was much after battle kibitzing about whom should have done what. But all in all it was a fun game & lots of death to both sides. Thanks to Stephen for putting on such a great table & game!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year!

 Here we are! A New Year & a New Decade! As I continue my vacation...well until the end of this weekend, I managed to get some more work done on the hobby side.

As 2019 came to an end, I was starting to play with the new 3D printer. My first prints were complete & now it was time to get them painted.

I am still working on the ruins, however here are the barrel stacks.

I tried to use a technique showcased by Kevin using Liquid Mold Builder. My first attempt...well it needs some practice. Thinking I dabbed on a bit much & the base brown I used isn't dark enough.

I also snagged some old decals from 1/35 vehicle kits to add some 'codes'. I will be looking at some hazardous material symbols to scale down for future ones. I can see making a few more of these! 

 As part of the Black Friday Sales, I received a notice from Death Ray Designs that they were having a pretty nice sale! I ordered 2 sets of Dark & Deadly Dungeon Kits

I also snagged an extra set of walls with removeable panels & put those together to start. There are instructions on the site which do a good job of walking you through, however you must be cognizant of which pieces are facing which way...its easy to mix it up!

The base section done, now you slide in the insert. Nice option being able to switch out things as you desire

 Lastly as I went to get the Latex Mold Maker at Michaels, I happened on the remnants of their Christmas sale stuff & noticed this Lemax Gazebo. It was 80% off which was a steal! Best of all, it wasn't covered in snow, so can be used in all seasons! It will likely need a bit of weathering, but thats a fairly quick drybrush.

 That's about it for my first post of 2020. I am heading off to Stephens for some Chain of Command on Saturday, so should have some photos from that to share.

As always, thanks for stopping by.