Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Dungeon Painting continues

I continue to paint my Deathray  Designs mdf dungeon set. One of the comments on my previous post was from my friend Scott asking about the colours.

So today I will present the stages & colours I am using on this project. For the basecoat, refer to the previous post.

I've sourced a bunch of cheap stiff bristle brushes from the Dollar store. So up first is the Gray/Green. Dabbled on with drybrushing.

The next colour I've gone with is a Spanish Olive. Not sure of this paint as its brushes on fairly transluscent. This has meant numerous coats of it when used on miniatures. However for this project this has worked well. Again drybrush/scrubbing it about the piece.

Then onto Yellow Ochre. As I've mentioned before the Yellow Ochre/Sand combo is my go-to for drybrushing most of my miniature bases & walls/stone/statues etc. Whether I've used a brown or gray base, it works wonders.

The icing on the cake is this Sand colour. I do a light drybrush dusing across the entire piece, hitting the edging everywhere. It also mutes when scrubbed over the previous colours nicely.

All the paints I bought at Michaels. In fact I use a lot of craft paints on my miniatures. They blend well enough with the more expensive GW, Vallejo, Army Painter paints & the range of colours is extreme. I've found however that I often require 2 coats when doing my miniatures with them. Otherwise the price for quantity can't be beat.

Hope this helps some of you who were also curious as to my system. Stay home, enjoy your hobby time & stay Safe!


  1. I like the overall effect and how simple you make it look; I tend to use just three colours for building's walls but your extra colour *the lighter grey) really adds to the efffect - and thank goodness they're not entire;y grey as I cringe when I see entirely grey buildings !

    1. Or be covered in skulls...we can't forget that! Thanks Zabadak.

  2. That works so well. I used a lot of cheaper acrylic paints on the castle boards, it was the only way to do it, and they worked just as well as a more expensive product.

    1. Not sure why one wouldn't Michael, though I would avoid using them in an airbrush. I do use them a lot though on my miniatures. The range of colours is great