Thursday, June 25, 2020

Core Space - The Purge Arrive

Now that I have my first 2 crews completed, it was time to begin working on the Nemesis of the system - The Purge!

Here are the first of the Harvesters, from what I understand, the most common of the Purge, though no less deadly.

I at first did the shell in a darker yellow, but didn't like how it was looking, so went with a lighter Desert Yellow. Much happier with this result as again I am basing the colours on the images in the book as well what I see many painting on the Facebook site.

So there are 4 more of these to paint, so expect to see them in future posts.


  1. A very sinister looking robot and I like the final colour scheme.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, will be posting the remainder of the Harvesters tomorrow. They are currently drying from the dip.