Thursday, December 31, 2020

A New Year! - A consoling thought

Here we are, the last day of 2020....a year many of us will gladly forget as we look forward to 2021. 


Sure it will be the status quo for now as we navigate this pandemic. 

 As I reflect on the past year, it wasn't all doom & gloom. The pandemic afforded an opportunity to see that many of us could indeed work from home. This allowed for more time at home each day rather than spending it on the commute.

 For myself, this provided an opportunity to deal with a filled crawlspace & to gather & offer some hobby items to others that I realize are not in my interests now. There is still many items I have to sell & hope to find new homes.

It also gave me extra time that I could put to my painting. Each day at lunch, I could now spend about 45 minutes on my hobbies.

So as we look at 2020 in the rear view mirror, here is my last painted item, finished today that will close out the year.

 I've been buying 3d print files from a company called LV-427. These are space/sci-fi themed terrain that allow folks to create an Aliens, Space Hulk or soon a Stargrave table. What's really nice is that they don't require supports. If one looks, there are some amazing tables out there created using this stuff!

So here today is one of the Consoles ( a series of 3)


It's double sided & meant to be placed in the centre of the command centre. (Which I have been printing too).


I gave it my standard Army Painter strong dip treatment, but think now perhaps I will just go with a contrast wash for the next one. This will be good for a derelict scenario.

I will also likely snag some computer screen images (ie: Star Trek) to use over the monitor panels, similar to what I did with the other computer consoles I did in the past.

Once again I wish to thank those who spend their time following my blog. Your comments & suggestions allow me to grow more as a miniature gamer. As well following your blogs, allows me the opportunity to discover & learn things that perhaps I would never know about. 

 Lastly, Happy New Year!


  1. You 3d printing skills have come a long way in a relatively short time !
    The console looks very useable in any Sci-fi or eve modern scenarios.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, that one was done with the profile provided by the company. I have since printed another with a tweaked profile. I am currently working on the rest of the consoles from the first round, as well as the reprinted one, so look forward to those soon!