Friday, February 15, 2013

Descent - Brother Gherinn & Hugo, More Pirates!

Continuing to work on my consignment of Descent miniatures as well as more Pirate Crews.

Up first are Brother Gherinn & Hugo the Glorious. Both these guys really like red!

Brother Gherinn appears to be some sort of undead Cleric. Hugo is...well...Hugo.

Next we have some more of the first crew of the Pirates. Here we have the second Marine & 2 crewmen.

And another 2  cannon crewmen

It was just after I looked at these images on my computer that I noticed the one fella needs to have his belt painted still. He is back on the table for that minor touch-up.

I just have a couple more crewmen left to finish off. I have already started prepping the second ship's crew. As well there are another 5 or 6 consignment figures to complete.

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