Sunday, February 26, 2023

Stargrave - Starport Raid

Today we had our next scenario of the Stargrave Campaign....this time it was the Starport Raid.


This scenario with mulitple players called for an extended table layout, so this 4'x6' Starbase mat was pulled out. Then it was gathering a bunch of the starships I've been snagging. The scneario needed 4.


There were 20 entry points added around the edges. Players were able to choose any of the White poker chip entry points. They would then need to get their crew across the table to exit at another poker chip point.

And....theres the first smoke grenade

Sounds easy enough.....I added 4 station crewmen who were manning consoles in front of the docked ships. They would react once shot at, pirates arrived, or someone attempted to unlock a loot token. 


ZOT, a Bounty Hunter collects his coup

 As with all our games, we have a Random creature each turn as well as a roll for the Unwanted Attention, using a d20 roll with +1/per turn & number of players for the total. We had 5 players again today, as one of the fella's had to back out.


So I also modded the original scenario so that as each ship takes additional unwanted attention roll occurs...this could potentially have led to 5 Unwanted Attention rolls per turn....time to get out!


As it was, we only had 1 ship take off, so were getting 2 Unwanted Attention rolls. Here they come! The Pirates begin to arrive & crewmen begin to fall. Below, Richard catches 2 of the pirates with his dual flamethrowers.


For the Random creatures table, most of what arrived would be classed as Station assets, so any robots (drones, sentrabots & even Warbots) would actually shoot at everything except station crew. Many firefights between bots & pirates ensued.


That's a lot of smoke.


There were 2 station crewmen who just wouldn't quit. Below, one of them takes down a Sniper!


"Hey look - a Warbot!"


This is a strange place for a stone wall.....hmm, must be holographic, still can't see through it!


I think there were a lot of crew members who were left behind to be ransomed by the pirates before the next game.


Thanks to everyone for coming out, I really liked this scenario & there was a lot of bloodshed all around!

Thursday, February 23, 2023

EWG Club Night 21 Feb

We had a good showing at the club with 12 people coming out & 3 games running.

Gaston ran Rostov 41

 Evan brought out Black Orchestra

This game is about the plot to kill Hitler & begins in 1936 with various members of the German military & civilians plotting for the demise of the rising popularity of Hitler.

The game is co-operative, with the various conspirators preparing their attempts, while avoiding the notice of the gestapo. 

I played General Ludwig Beck. You can see on the card, that there are various levels of motiviation, suspicion & the amout of items you can hold to carry out the various plots (which are determined by cards). The various spaces on the board have effects which may assist you with lowering your suspicion by dumping items, but then these items are lost.

We bumbled around at the beginning as all of us but Evan had never played. Event cards are played after each players turn that cause effects which will either increase Hitler's influence or lower it as various historical events occur. 

An interesting game which we will need to play again with the knowledge we now have of the mechanics. We did manage to assassinate Hitler just before the store was going to close, so accomplished our mission.

Bryan brought out Heroquest to have some of the lads do a dungeon crawl.

Not sure how it went, as the game did seem to wrap up early. 

Thanks to everyone for coming out & to the hosts of the games we played! 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Road to Mordheim - Cultivated Anger

 What a great launch we had today at Red Claw to kick off our Road to Mordheim campaign. We had 14 players out & a nice range of warbands.


I've opted to run my Beastman Raiders Warband for this campaign. Our first scenario was based on The Frenzied Mob & here is the info from the scenario that was shared to the group.


So with the preliminaries aside here is the new Mis-adventures of Aroogah & the Unfettered 




So now its time to tally up the Victory points for all the tables & get them on the spreadsheet. Certainly feel free to follow our exploits & scores on the Edmonton Mordheim Facebook Page

As always, thanks for visiting & I hope you found this entertaining.


Friday, February 10, 2023

Nordvolk Townfolk - Part 2

So with the Mordheim Campaign kicking off this Sunday (who needs to watch the Superbowl when you can be playing Mordheim!!!), I needed to complete the rest of the figures I had to represent the Townsfolk.


 Again using the Slap Chop Speed painting method I was able to finish this batch of guys. 


I am beginning to understand some of the issues with using speed paints (ie: don't brush on varnish as speed paints react), so will continue to develop my techniques.


I've reached out to some of the local 'skilled' painters for some discussion & thoughts, so this will help as well.


So these just need another coat around the base edging to complete them & then they are ready to go. 

EWG Club Night 7 Feb

We had 2 games running at the club on Tuesday. Gaston hosted Jessica & Scott in a 3 player game of Julius Caesar. You will need to check out the EWG Facebook page for more details on this one.


The rest of us huddled around the table for our 2nd game of "The Thing from Outpust 31"


Kurt is already reacting to being called "The Thing" & we haven't even picked our characters yet!

This time around I got Clark as my character. Each character has 2 abilities, one of which can be used when they are the Captain, to determine the results of a mission.


All the characters hang out in the rec room, waiting to learn if they are selected to go on the active Captains Mission. Missions range in numbers of characters that may be taken, the required 'types' of characters that must be part of the mission, etc.

And of course, the mission I was Captain of....failed.


Some mission cards will denote there is Smoke or a Fire in various rooms. The current Captain failing to perform their mission in those rooms, will cause either a fire to erupt, or the room to be burnt down, thus making whatever was located there, unusable.


Succeeding in the mission will allow you to flip the token...WOAH! A Thing!...Combat ensues. (this was the wrong THING, it should have been the tiny one)


Continuing on,  another mission success....& another Thing!


For as well as we did, we did lose the game, however we wanted to play out the Helicopter Escape, where the final Captin chooses who gets on the chopper!

I was chose Captain, so I picked those who would be flying out with me.....

 Sweet, I didn't take along any infected (which would also have lost the game). There was a bit of a misunderstanding with how many infected players could be & it turns out, there was 1 additional human who was left behind. All in all a great game, & everyone who played had a great time. Thanks again to Evan for bringing this out!


Monday, February 6, 2023

Nordvolk Townsfolk

Continuing with the prep for this coming weekend's launch of our Road to Mordheim Campaign, the first scenario will require village townsfolk/farmers.

With that in mind, I found my Dwarf Wars - Nordvolk Townsfolk box set from Westwind Miniatures


 There is a nice range of figures, mostly with scythes, but several also wield swords (likely family heirlooms), though they may not have the skill required to fight with them.


As speed is a thing this week, I tried the Slapchop method on them. Well the results are quick ( I did these 10 guys on Sunday) they are not quite up to what I had expected. 


I do intend to continue learning how to get better results from this method & one of the concerning things about it, is the limited range of colours. Most contrast / speed paints have lots of blues, & purples. Which is not what a peasant would have access to wear.

When I have more time I will do more experiments with thinning normal paints & using them in addition to the contrast paints, as I am sure good results can be achieved while still getting miniatures painted quick. I may even strip these guys down & try painting them again.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

AROOOOOOO! Beastman Raiders Warband for Mordheim!

Just a week to go & thats caused me to kick into painting all these projects (yes I procrastinate) are coming to a head! I've chosen to run a Beastman Raiders Warband in our Road to Mordheim Campaign.

That being said, most of the beginning figures were already done from the last campaign...but I still needed to paint up 5 Chaos Warhounds to complete it.

 Having dug out one of my favorite sets of metal miniatures from GW for these guys..I set to work.


However I focussed on just getting the 5 needed painted up, as I have other pressing needs to complete from my checklist. The others are based, primed & drybrushed, but are set aside for now. (lets just hope they don't keep getting pushed aside).

I went for at least 1 of each of the poses & did one with the dual head (though its merely for looks & doesn't provide an extra attack -  for now)

Here we have the entire warband - waiting to wreak havoc. With this crew it really is about "Releasing the Dogs of War!"

Now onto painting up townsfolk & farmers.