Sunday, June 26, 2022

Core Space - Salvage Run

So I was finally....after getting the original Kickstarter back in.....a long time ago, I was finally able to play Core Space.  I had gotten the figures painted for 5 crews & then the Pandemic hit.

Kurt & I played a game of Salvage Run. After choosing our 3 member crews to hit the warehouse, we were out of the airlocks & spreading out on the hunt for loot!

We started on the opposite corners & I drew the first player turn.


I chose Arianna as my Captain, with Gak & Trigard to accompany her.


Kurt went with Sondar, Chit Chit'ah & Hunter (he had a jive for playing alien races)


With little resistance (well 1 single shot from Butler before he ran off) Chit gets to the first chest & tears it open.


Arianna with her extra mobility also scored a small crate.


Hunter explains to Butler that he is indeed taking whats inside the box.

Gak opens a larger container & finds a Rare Pistol.

A look at the items snagged from the crates thus far


The Purge begin to arrive...well a lone Harvester thus far.

As the Harvester moves past, Trigard makes a run for the ship


Gak exterminates the Purge Harvester.


Hunter also takes down a Harvester...all these Purge appearing means its time to get out of the Warehouse.


One of the NPC's falls to the Harvesters.


The Purge storm the warehouse, another NPC falls to a Devastator. By this time Arianna's team had made it back to the ship & Sondars were making good their own escape.


So a good first game. We struggled a bit with some of the icons for the various skills. The game plays quite quickly once you get into the groove. Some dislike the small allowance of gear a character can carry, but I think it adds to the game as you really need to think if its worth delving more to 'maybe' find something better, or be glad with what you've found & keeping your crew intact. Playing a single game, players are less likely to care about the characters.

After tally Kurt won with 37 AU to my 27.

 Hope to see this back at the table sooner than later as a campaign would be cool. Guess we shall see.

 Thanks for visiting. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

EWG - Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord

Poking through my shelves for games that needed to see the table, I snagged my copy of Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord, a dungeon crawler for 4 players.


The game uses a system, where players 'build' the dungeon as they play. Often seeing what other players need to complete their quests & ultimately placing the room cards they need as far from them as possible.


The game comes with 6 characters to choose from. For the first game I played the Darkling Rogue


As you complete quests (You need to complete 3 to win) your rewards are often gaining a level.


As players progress through the dungeon, they earn Glory (used by the player to play treasures & boon cards on themselves) & Peril points. (Peril is used by other players to make your life interesting, but not in a good way) 


The second way to win is by being the last player standing. This was how Chen won the first game. 

We then set it up again & Kurt managed to take the victory after Chen was taken down.

All in all a fun game, which was easy to learn & plays quick....perfect for a night at the club!

Sunday, June 12, 2022

EWG - When Darkness Comes

 Last Tuesday we had 5 of us out to the club & played When Darkness Comes.


 I will say the rules, out of the box, leave a lot to be desired. Luckily I had printed out a set of enhanced rules from boardgame geek prior to running the game.

We used the characters that came in the box to give the first scenario a try. The story gist, was that we were criminals who were being give an 'opportunity' to solve a mystery for a chance for freedom. With all of us armed with a cellphone (to communicate in game) & our various skills, we were off.


The game is a bit of an RPG-Lite game where your group works co-operatively to solve the scenario & as we discovered...You DO need to cooperate, or your done for!


Your character earns xp for performing various skills & can then expend the xp to re-roll a die, or roll an extra die, etc.

Characters can also 'support' or assist one another to improve the chances to succeed.


After trying the game at the club, I took a deeper dive into the rules & discovered we had done several things incorrectly. So I will give this a couple of solo tries before bringing it back out, to work through the odd mechanics. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

ROSD - The Deserted Village

Having finally gotten my first gaming Sunday back at my place this past weekend. We created & played Rangers of Shadow Deep.

We had amongst us 3 Rangers with 5 companions.


The stage was set & the story can now be told...


So some thoughts on the game. Overall the system is much like Frostgrave in gameplay, though there is much less magic & the fact that its Co-op. 

The way the scenarios are laid out with the clues & events, no 2 games will be identical, as there will always be clues not discovered & events not played. I like this!

The game unfortunately is meant for only a few players. The group that comes to my place often hits around 6 players, so this is a bit unfortunate & I hope that some good mods get developed to allow for more. This will mean few to no companions however.

Talking amongst ourselves, I will likely add in the Wound Rules from Frostgrave, where when a character falls below 4 health they are considered wounded & suffer the effects of only 1 action & -2 to all dice rolls. I will try this in my solo campaign for sure.

So that's where I will leave it, as there are many great Youtube vids out there as well as many other AAR's to peruse with peoples thoughts on the system. I will  play a solo campaign as well seeing as I have the table set up, just to see how it varies, so you can expect another comic AAR of that one, though I will be sure to change the cover to identify it. 

 Thanks for visiting! 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Infected Trees & Cocoons

As I get ready to host Rangers of Shadow Deep at my place on the 29th, I expect we may be able to complete the first 2 scenarios. Thus I needed to get some scenery pieces done.

First up is the infected trees. I did a quick variant back in March for the gaming retreat, but now that I had some time, I found some of the plastic terrain trees from the HATE game & thought they would work well.


After painting them, I added some Halloween spider web material.


Then it was onto the cocoons. So just like the retreat game, I saved a few foam peanuts from shipping & compressed them down a little to wrap some more of the webbing material around them.

Then I thought....why not repurpose those other infected trees I originally made as part of the cocoon piece. 


And another image where some of the denizens popped in.


So thats my hobby moment for this weekend. I've been digging around some of my reaper bones kickstarter figures to see what I have in there to use for the various companions...should we ever be able to get them, as we will be ranger heavy for this game. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

EWG club night 17 May

We had 6 guys out to the club Tuesday night. Bruce brought out a Pulp Alley Gangsters game for 4 of us to play, while Scott & Jonathan played some CnC.

For our Pulp Alley, The Shadow (me) & Green Hornet (Bruce) had to escort the covert Baby Buggy document carrier to the far end of the table, whilst a concerted effort by the gangsters tried to prevent the incriminating evidence from getting to court.


The gangsters begin to move into flanking positions. While 1 of their members enters a perilous area, however he successfully navigated the traps to recover an objective.


Meawhile the escort fans out to watch both sides of the street. The Shadow is of course hidden (the black floating ball - being his marker)


With a burst of Tommy Gun fire, one of the officers is taken out.


Flick then returns fire with his own SMG making that route a hail of flying lead!

 Lady Scarlet was also successful in navigating her perilous area & also gained an objective.

The Green Hornet & another officer get into fisticuffs with a hooligan.


With the Green Hornet getting swarmed, the Shadow makes his appearance.


Lady Scarlet & one of the gangsters take each other out of play. The forces of Justice are getting reduced badly.


With the officer being engaged by one of the Gang, another rushes to the buggy & makes off with the documents, winning the game for the Gangsters.

 The AA report had it that the forces for Justice just did horribly on dice rolls. Bruce had no luck at all it seemed. Kato got bogged down trying to capture an objective & couldn't pass his tests. The Green Hornet wasn't able to nullify the gang coming in from that side, so with the Shadow assisting him, it left the buggy in the protection of a single officer who was locked down in melee, leaving the buggy exposed.

Meawhile Jonathan & Scott were engaged in CnC

Not sure who won as they were still playing when I left. 

Our next club night will be June 7th. Thanks to those who came out.