Sunday, December 4, 2022

Middle Earth SBG - Helms Deep & Pelennor Fields

I was invited out to participate in some LOTR Miniatures gaming today. There was going to be 2 scenarios running. The Battle of Helms Deep & Pelennor Fields.

I assisted by bringing my 2 GW Fortress sets - Helms Deep & Minas Tirith, which were used. For Helms Deep I was scrambling last night to set up extra wall pieces & then had to come up with a plan to have the gate house raised. This in turn led me needing to make a quick ramp. Its amazing what can be managed at crunch time.

 Here are the images from the Helms Deep game, which I didn't play in.


From what I heard, it was a hard fought victory for the forces of good.

On the second table, where we played the Battle of Pelennor fields, things were looking grim for the forces of Sauron as Theoden arrived with his mounted troops, while on the other flank Aragorn arrived with the Grey Company & the Army of the Dead.


We were able to take down Aragorn, though it drained most of Gothmogs abilities.

Eventually the second wave arrived in the form of 3 Mumaks & the Easterling Cavalry. The Mumaks turned the tide, and we were lucky enough to win Priority when 2 of them went berserk & trampled.


At that Point the Witch King had arrived & with the stampeding Mumaks, destroyed the Rohan mounted troops & many of their Heroes thus winning the day for Mordor! 

Made for a good day of gaming! Thanks for inviting me. 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Stargrave - Data Vault

Today was our next Stargrave Campaign game where we played the 'Data Vault' scenario.


Again 6 crews descended into the undervaults to access the data that lay within.

 Things didn't start well for Chris, as a Pirate Shock Trooper & 2 Pirate Troopers appeared. He quickly had 2 members of his crew mowed down.


Craig was quick to get to the first of the data columns.


Scotts crew taking up supporting positions as his droids made for the columns.


Let the Hacking begin!


To say that the fella's like to smoke is an understatement. We also ran out of all the force walls I had, so basically had to no longer allow people to use them until some were destroyed.


Watching their backs as more Pirate Shock Troopers arrived (Not visible in the image)


Chris's crew continues to advance


Although his carbine had been disabled, the Pirate Storm Trooper continued to be an annoyance.


We got our data, time to leave...


I think everyone was able to escape with data tokens. So some thoughts on the scenario the next time we play.

For todays game we made it that if an explosion hit one of the columns, say from a Frag Grenade, then the electrical arcs would extend a further 2" & Attacks would increase by +1.

Going further, any explosions will destroy the column which will also explode. Any data loot would be destroyed if on them. We will also limit each column to a single figure to activate it, as there is only 1 console to access on each.


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Kefcon VI

I spent this past weekend at Kefcon, a local Edmonton, which has now had its 6th year. As with most things, it was paused during the pandemic, but Cthulhu had said enough is enough & it was GAME ON!


The focus on this years event was Cthulhu themed. Those who played games with a Lovecraftian flair received a ticket which would be drawn at the end of the weekend. The more of those games you played or ran, the more tickets you would get.

I started my Friday night running Fate of the Elder Gods. All those playing were new to this game


Thus they didn't pay attention to what Scott was doing, with his constant visits to the Outer Worlds. He won the game & I think all those who played enjoyed it.

The next game I played was Sleeping Gods. A game I purchased recently, but had yet to look further into. Again we were all new players & there was a bit of a learning curve to this one. One thing for sure, it is not easy or forgiving.

 Sleeping Gods

Returning Saturday morning I started out with Lost Ruins of Arnak. Another game I had never played. I should mention that I have found the Kefcon's a good opportunity for me to see & play games I have generally been unaware of. This is turn can often lead me to the local game stores to buy a copy if I enjoy it.


There were some interesting mechanics in this game, with players needing to decide whether to focus on research or exploration. I would like to play the game a few more times to get a better grasp of it.


The afternoon game was Nemesis! I kickstarted this game, but have yet to get it to the table or even out of the box for that matter. Myriam was a great teacher & again, none of us had played prior.


I chose the soldier as my character & armed with my Energy Rifle, was ready...


Having woken up & not remembering much, we began moving about looking for equipment. I got slimed in the very first room I entered.


The game is semi-cooperative as the ship needs to be repaired of fires or other malfunctions. However each player has a hidden objective. It didn't take long for the Scientist to not be of assitance to the others...thus I was kind of happy when a creeper jumped him.

With the Pilot stating that the ship was on course for Earth, it was time to make for the Escape Pods. Of course in this game, one must be skeptical of anything anyone says.


The Pilot & I got to the Escape Pods, just in time for this adult Alien to emerge from the vents. I managed to drop it, but not before sustaining some light wounds & a 'condition' card, which wouldn't be revealed until I went to sick bay.

Bugger that I am getting off this ship!!!


Meanwhile more fun for the scientist, as the Alien Queen spawned on his space. 


Punched out and away I went. Later it was revealed that I had been infected & thus was likely a shriveled husk by the time anyone found me.


The next game played was a 5 player Cthulhu Wars. I didn't get any photos, as the table was in one of the poorer lit areas. However Scott won, so he left the table happy.

Sunday began with Eldritch Horror. We had a couple of new players, so it went slow as many things had to be explained. It was all good though, as a big part of this event is teaching players new games. Again no images for this one.

The early afternoon I jumped into another game that I bought into on the Kickstarter but had yet to play. Cthulhu Death May Die.

I selected Ariele, the Specialist Hunter. They had an interesting system for the character boards, where it slipped between 2 clear sheets, one of which had recessed spots for the tokens. As things heat up & you lose sanity, it also makes you tougher & you increase your abilities. Of course the better you get, the closer you come to...well you know...insane! Speaking of which, we also each start with a condition or mental handicap card which is kept hidden & reflects how or what your character can do in various circumstances.


We did the first Chapter Mission 1 scenario, requiring us to destroy 4 labs, which would then have Cthulhu spawn, who we also had to defeat.

There was a lot of fire in this game, which can be extinguished, however didn't really affect you unless you left the space containing it, then you would catch on fire.


We did manage to complete the mission, however it involved slaying Cthulhu 4 times before he would stop returning. Great game, with lots of tension & I look forward to getting this to the table again sooner than later, but this will require me to get it pulled out & painted!

The last game I played to end the weekend was Mansions of Madness v2.0

This is the version that uses the app. Again I didn't bother with photos as most of it is on the computer screen.

So thus ended another excellent convention. Add this to your schedule if your in Edmonton next year to attend.





Wednesday, November 16, 2022

EWG Club Night - Nov 15th

We had a good showing of 11 guys out to the club Tuesday Night.

There were 3 games running - all historical this time around.

 Gaston & Jonathan played 'An Attrition of Souls'. Not sure who won this, so one of them will need to comment.


Bruce hosted Taylor, Evan & Kurt in Undaunted: Normandy.


Again, one of the guys who played will need to comment on what transpired there.


Richard ran a French / Indian War scenario for Scott, George, Chen & I.


The French forces (Scott/George) were on a mission to burn down this farmstead. The French forces advance. We used the Musket & Tomohawk rules.


The British forces approach on the other side. The homesteaders had released a volley at the approaching French.


The game uses a card system to determine which units from either side gets to act.


After several attempts, the farmhouse was finally emptied of British forces, Only to be re-occupied the following phase.


The French Indian troops charge the British Regulars. Although they caused more injuries, they then fled the field.


The house was set alight & eventually collapsed, killing the British Regulars who had staunchly tried to hold it. Here the British Native troops charged into the French Regulars. But they too were driven off on a later phase.

Having completed their mission, the French began falling back, while the morale of the British forces failed & all left the field of battle...the pall of smoke filling the valley.