Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - Game 5: The Library

This past Sunday our Frostgrave Campaign continued. Once again, we were down 2 players, so had 4 Wizard Warbands descend on the Library.

I modified the scenario using what I had done in the previous campaign, & added further to it, as will be seen.


Information has been discovered about the location of Myron's Tome (a multi-spell grimoire) as well as a cryptic note (see AAR to read the cryptic note)

As alluded in said cryptic note, there are several challenges before the tome can be taken. First the tome is kept in an underground vault, beneath the ruins of the library.

Second - The Test of Will. In a chamber at the bottom of the stairs stands a door upon which are embedded 2 hand prints. A person can spend an action placing his hands onto the prints.

Unknown to the players, only a Wizard or Apprentice can actually pass the test. Anyone else who attempts it, will automatically release a Large Construct from the adjacent hidden rooms. A Wizard or Apprentice must make a successful WILL test, beating a 15. If failed, a wall in the chamber opens & releases a construct. The size of the construct is determined by the amount of failure. 1-4 Small Construct, 5-10 Medium Construct, 11 or more Large Construct.

Third - The Book Worm. The Tome sits atop an altar. Only a Wizard or Apprentice can remove the book. Anyone else attempting it will summon a Giant Slug.

 A Giant Worm is the guardian of the tome, which when removed from the altar, summons it. It appears d10" in a random direction & will always move towards the tome unless engaged in combat.

Once removed, the tome can be handed to another to carry & counts as a Treasure.

Fourth - The Catacombs. There are 4 passages leading away from the vault room. These lead to catacombs & are likely the best option for escape, as it avoids going back through the warbands which are likely following. However these catacombs are also home to Giant Slugs. These will appear as random encounters during the creature phase if their entry numbers are rolled. However there is only a maximum of 3 of these creatures.

Giant Slug - M:5  F:+2  S:+3  A:11 W:0 Hits:15
I've Been Slimed - The slug can spit slime up to 10" as a shooting attack. If the target loses the fight, they will be stuck in place unable to move for 2+d6 actions. While stuck all dice rolls are at -2.

Treasure: Each player places 2 treasure tokens, however all treasures must be placed inside the ruins of the library or in the underground area. 

Experience: The Wizard or Apprentice who successfully opens the door gains 25xp. Successfully getting the tome off the board earns 100xp. Slaying the book worm earns an additional 50xp.

So with the scenario laid out, please enjoy what transpired below...


The aftermath for the warbands was as follows;

Bob the Elementalist (Scott) - 890xp, 4 treasures - 510gc,2x Banners of Courage (sold), 3 scrolls- Create Grimoire, Strike Dead, Control Undead.  Tom (miss game)

Ludwig (Chen) - 375xp, no treasures. Bruno (dead), Thorgrin (miss game), Slick (miss game), Johann (dead).

Innovar (Craig) - 390xp, no treasures. Rab (dead), Xeph (miss game).

Eben (Terry) - 960xp, 1 treasure - 20gc,+2 Damage Hand Weapon. Grimoire(3 spells)-Restore Life, Familiar, Planar Tear. Maul (smashed leg -1Move), Anselm (dead), Calbraith (miss game) 

Certainly a bloody affair, which we have come to expect. I would say by turn 10 most of the warbands were pretty much out of it.

Looking forward to our next game in July!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Batman at EWG

This eve, Bob  brought out his Super Hero figures in homage to Adam West. We used the Pulp Alley rules  for a classic Caped Crusader Showdown

The scenario pitted Batman with sidekicks Robin & Batgirl, as well as Inspector Gordon & his Men in Blue against the escaped Kingpins of Crime -  Penguin, The Joker, The Riddler, Harley Quinn & Catwoman as well as their flunkys.

The objective for the forces of good were to apprehend (KO) the 5 Crime bosses. Their objective was unknown to us.

The Penguin & flunky Blades  enter the table.

Batgirl, watches from a nearby rooftop & begins flinging batarangs at the Penguin.

The Joker making for a plot point. We soon discovered that the phone booths were plot points, but only for the lawless forces.

Inspector Gordon & some of his officers were tied down by Catwoman & more lackeys.

Robin engaged the Penguin, the scuffle lasted 3 turns before Robin was downed. However he recovered the next turn.

Batman was also held up by some other lackeys in the form of Blades & Sickle. He was eventually able to overcome them both.

The Riddler managed to get his plot point & then made it to the Major Plot, summoning his escape

A Helicopter, which whisked him away. The game was tied at 10VP each. Both The Penguin & Harley Quinn had been KO'd.

Thanks to Bob for bringing out his wonderful setup & for the game!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

How Time Flies

It seems to have been quite some time since I've managed to get a post in. That isn't to say I haven't being doing stuff, it's just not painting stuff except for my continuing to work through getting my Egyptian Dungeon tiles painted ( repetitive 3 stages of prep, yellow, army painter dip), so I didn't feel it was blog worthy. It will get showcased once it starts getting used in games.

I've also been busy attending & having our own Garage Sale yesterday, so that's eaten up a lot of my free time, getting stuff prepped, priced & set up in the garage, followed by the tear down & boxing up of all the things that didn't sell for next year.

However I did get to the club Tuesday night. I played some CCA with Bob & Scott. Kevin, Alan & Elliot played a 3 player game of Shadow Armageddon. Quite the table they brought to battle over!

I've also had a few more Kickstarters arrive. Reaper Bones III, Dark Souls Core game

As well as Mythos, a Lovcraftian Skirmish Game. I picked up 3 of the groups in the Kickstarter. All the miniatures are resin.

Now that most of the events that have been eating up my weekends are done until the fall, I can perhaps get some more painting time in.

I am also prepping the table for our next Frostgrave game on the 25th.

Cheers for now!