Monday, September 18, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - Game 8

Sunday had our next campaign game of Frostgrave. This time we played the Haunted Houses scenario.

6 ruined stone structures surround a central ruin. Within each of the 6 structures is a treasure. Whenever a figure enters one of the structures or the treasure is moved, a dice is rolled. On a 16-20 a Wraith appears within the ruin.

Treasures collected provide 40xp. Any warband slaying a wraith receives an additional 50xp.

I somehow misplaced the batter charger for my main camera & thus had to use an older camera, which sadly is lacking, so I apologize for some of the images which are slightly blurred.


So we had no wraiths appear within the structures. There were no other treasure guardians either, so apart from the wandering creatures, it was mostly a battle of warband on warband as they fought to get the treasures. Scott had a really bad game, though he still scored a lot of xp. Each warband did succeed in their ulterior motives.

So the after action was as follows;

Bob (Scott) - 580xp, 1 treasure  - 120gc, Grimoire - Bind Demon 
  Tofer II - slain; Tommy Boy, Theodore, Spot III, Tom II, Tod, Ted - Miss Game.

Ludwig (Chen) - 670xp, 2 treasures - 70gc, Potions - Healing, Invulnerability, Speed; 
  Shield +1 Armour.
  Bremen - slain

Eben (Me) - 480xp, 3 treasures - 370gc, Grimoire - Teleport; Ring of Power(1), Drinking    Horn of Healing.

This game will see Scott reaching level 42, with my warband reaching 40. Thus Bob & Timmy retain the cover for the next game.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Catching Up

Once again I find myself having fallen behind on blogging as summer begins to ebb. Now I find myself in another of those crazy months where every weekend has an event & it seems there is no rest. But it is a good crazy!

However I have been busy behind the scenes. So here is a collection of ramblings

Mid August saw a visit by my aunt & her husband. During their visit we attended the Edmonton Air Show

Corsair & Curtiss P40-E Kittyhawk

Mustang & Lightning (behind) they were too close together to snag an individual shot.


Canso PBY-5A. I didn't try to get up the stairs to see the insides as there was quite a line-up (see all the feet on the far side)

Another fail of the day was waiting in a 2 hour food truck lineup & not having my camera with me when those WW2 planes were flying.

However I did catch the Snow Birds in action 

I also saw the arrival of the Massive Darkness Kickstarter.

I attended my first Kefcon boardgame convention. I believe this was the 3rd running of this event (though it was the first I'd heard of it).

On Friday night I played Chaos in the Old World. First time I've gotten to play this game & I quite enjoyed it. I also played a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. Go figure I ended up being the traitor & one the game, becoming the new Pope in the process.

Saturday felt like a CMON day, with games of The Others, Zombicide Black Plague, & even a pick-up game of Massive Darkness.

 Sunday saw games of Elder Sign & Spartacus.

As for this eve, our club has changed venues due to unacceptable rent increases we just couldn't cover. So we had our first club night at Red Claw gaming. Bruce once again brought out his Congo Pulp Alley, to playtest the scenario he wants to run at Fallcon. Thus I won't give out the details.

The faction I played.

A race for a plot point.

The porters form a shield in front of one of my shooters.

A couple of the members of another faction...which is the faction I played the previous game.

Things just got a whole lot more interesting.

Another view of the chaos in the centre of the board.

As for painting, I am still working through my Egyptian tiles as I can, though I seem to be in a bit of a painters rut at the moment. Perhaps Zomtober will get me back on track to completing my Zombies for Black Plague.

As well the Gibbons Townwide Garage Sale is this weekend & I am looking forward to seeing what treasures I can snag this year!